British Rock band Coldplay have pulled off the collaboration of the year by teaming up with Korean Pop group BTS on their new single, “My Universe.”

Released on Friday, September 24, the lyric video for the nearly-4-minute track features both English as well as Korean verses and speaks of overcoming hardships to be with the one you truly love.

“Darkness used to be more comfortable for me / Within the long shadows (Eyes) / And they said that we can’t be together / Because, because we come from different sides,” croon RM and Chris Martin before jumping into the uplifting chorus of the song, with the former’s verses being in Korean, translated here.

The band have also released several different versions of the song, including an instrumental and acoustic spin.

“Thank you all Coldplayers, ARMY and everyone for giving us this amazing feeling of love and togetherness,” the band wrote in a recent post alongside a black-and-white selfie.

“I love them [BTS], and we love them, and it’s been such a joy,” Martin shared in an interview with Apple Music 1‘s Zane Lowe. “I unabashedly and unashamedly feel really grateful for the song, grateful for the person that inspired the song, and grateful for the people we sing it with.”

Fans can now watch the project come together through a 12-minute documentary released by the band on their official YouTube channel.

In the same interview, the frontman also shared that the band traveled all the way to the Republic of Korea to make the collaboration happen, despite having to go through as many as 13 COVID checkpoints before getting to meet with the group.

The song is set to feature on the band’s forthcoming ninth studio album, Music of The Spheres, which is slated to be released on October 15, 2021, and is available for pre-order now.

(Photo: Dave Meyers)

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