Dakota Johnson in Gucci at the LACMA Art + Film gala: cute or horrendous?

Here are some photos from Saturday night’s LACMA Art + Film gala sponsored by Gucci. Most attendees wore Gucci, and everyone in this post wore “customized” or “bespoke” Gucci. Personally, I think Gucci is going through a pretty bad phase these days, but a lot of people like feather sleeves, sheer dresses and gaudy hearts sewn onto everything, so here we are. Dakota Johnson is arguably the biggest name attached to Gucci these days – she’s a brand ambassador and she models for them in print ad campaigns. I can’t believe they gave their “face” such a WTF look. Those are STIFF SATIN PANTS.

Serena Williams in Gucci. I actually think the dress itself – separate from the styling, gloves and neck ribbon – is really good. The way Serena styled it is what makes this not-great. The gloves are awful and Muppet-esque. The neck ribbon isn’t great on Serena and I feel like she should have gone for volume with her hair.

Kirsten Dunst… is that a CAT’S FACE in the lace of her Gucci? And the shoulders… my God, this is absolutely awful.

Maggie looks like she just got a big whiff of Jake Gyllenhaal’s stankass.

Olivia Wilde in bespoke Gucci – this was one of the better looks from Gucci, because the gown is mostly just a stand long-sleeved sequined look and then they put that tacky butterfly on the chest. So dumb. But she looks good – she’s still with Harry Styles too.

Suki Waterhouse – this is sooo bad. The feathered sleeves, the lingerie, with a sequined skirt? Girl, no.

Florence Welch in a more boho look from Gucci, but Flo can make anything look boho. This IS her style, so it’s on-brand, like nouveau Stevie Nicks.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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