Danniella Westbrooks daughter Jodie supports her mums surgery but wont follow in footsteps

Danniella Westbrook's 20 year old daughter Jodie Jenkins says she's "in support" of her mum's latest surgery, but reveals she wouldn't go under the knife herself.

EastEnders star Danniella has been in the hospital a number of times over the last year as she continues to rebuild her face after the bones at the front of her skull gradually started to crumble in the last decades.

Jodie, who recently signed up to influencer agency Social Inspire Group, spoke to OK! about her mum's procedures, and said she knows it "makes her mum happy".

"Everyone in Essex gets surgery. Everyone in the world does it. She's no stranger to getting surgery, so if it makes her happy then why not go and do it," Jodie shared.

Danniella is known to have had filler, botox and other treatments and doctors are soon set to remove part of her rib and implant it into her cheek.

And while she supports her mum's choices, Jodie said she won't get surgery herself.

She tells OK!: "I went to get my lips done but I pulled back and thought actually no, I'm not doing it. The people that follow my Instagram, the small amount, follow me for being natural and normal so that's the way I want to go.

"Maybe I'd get my teeth done but that's about it. I hate my teeth but it's only because I want them a little bit straighter."

Despite not wanting to get surgery like her mum, the 20 year old admits she would like to try her hand at acting, but worries about learning lines.

"I would follow in her acting footsteps, but it scares the living daylights out of me," she shares.

Adding: "I do drama, but I think an acting career is such a massive thing to go and do, plus I'm so dyslexic that learning lines is hard for me. I want to get into something, and definitely have a platform that I can use to promote good things, rather than just going out on a Friday night."

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Blonde beauty Jodie boasts 14,000 followers on Instagram and she can often be found posting glamorous selfies.

The young influencer chatted to OK! while on red carpet for SX Events, which she admitted was the first event she'd been to.

Jodie, who works doing social media for an airline, says she's "closed off," and spends her time working instead of going out.

"I've started venturing out a bit more now that I'm turning 21. I work seven days a week, so to get out is actually really nice for me," she shares.

Danniella's daughter has ruled out the likes of Love Island too, admitting she's happy in her relationship.

Jodie is dating Formula 3 driver Ayrton Simmons, and the pair are consistent with posting adorable snaps together on Instagram.

Jodie reveals: "I have a boyfriend at the moment. I would do other things, but Love Island, if I was single maybe, but I've been with my boyfriend for two years. Things are going really well between us."

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