David Dobrik Recalls Encounter When a Man Trespassed & Went Into His Bedroom

David Dobrik is opening up about a scary encounter at his house.

The 24-year-old social star recalled the events on a new episode of his Views podcast.

“Well I’m laying in bed, and Ella‘s there. She’s like running through what we have to do, and we ordered Door Dash like an hour ago for breakfast food, and they leave it by the door,” David shared. “Five minutes later a guy walks into my room and goes, ‘Here’s your food. Hi David!’”

“He wasn’t our Door Dasher. He was just some kid who had picked up our food from our doorstep and came into my room to deliver it to me,” he added.

“I had seen the guy. The kid came to the door like a half an hour before. And he knocked. And I was like, ‘Sorry you have to leave. This is private property,’” Ella said. “As soon as he walked into David‘s room I recognized him.”

They were able to get him outside of the house, and ordered him an uber. Unfortunately, he returned later that night in a much more scary situation.

Outside the house, he showed up wearing a hoodie with his hands in his pocket.

David recalled saying, “‘Put your hands where I can see them!’ I kept screaming at him. And he wasn’t. I was like, ‘We’re calling the police.’… I thought he was going to shoot me in the head. Honestly.”

Ella shared that she debated stepping in front of David if they guy did pull out a gun. Luckily, the police showed up and removed him from the property before anything serious happened.

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