Deshaun Watson Accuser Gets Death Threats After Revealing Her Identity

Ashley Solis, the first woman who publicly identified herself as a victim of the NFL quarterback, has received numerous death threats on social media since speaking out.

AceShowbizDeshaun Watson accuser is fearing for her life after going public on Tuesday, April 6. Ashley Solis, the first woman to identify herself as a victim of the NFL star, has received numerous death threats on social media since revealing her identity, according to her lawyer Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee made the claim to oppose the motion that requires the use of the plaintiff’s name in the lawsuit. Among 22 women who filed lawsuits against the Houston Texas quarterback, 20 remain anonymous in their filings.

However, a Texas court reportedly ruled that the women publicly disclose their names. According to NBC Sports, Buzbee, who represents the victims, asked that the victims remain anonymous because Solis has received at least 10 death threats since she spoke out in front of the press on Tuesday.

Buzbee’s team even showed the receipts, which were Solis’ Instagram DMs and emails containing the disturbing messages. “Ur a b***h for suing Deshaun we both know he didn’t do s**t to u because if he did you wouldn’t be asking for money so f**k you,” read one of the emails. “I hope you get raped later in ur life so u know tat its like cant believe there’s people like u trying to ruin a upcoming NFL superstar just for 100K get a life lmaoooooo.”

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Additionally, a woman who shares the same name with Solis has been threatened by Watson’s fans because of mistaken identity. “ur a b***h for ask Deshaun for money I hope u really get raped puta so u know wat its really like,” read the email sent to the wrong person, who later alerted Solis of the threatening message.

Besides Solis, fellow masseuse Lauren Baxley has also identified herself as a survivor, sharing a letter she wrote to the QB following a session. Buzbee is reportedly willing to release the names to defense attorney Rusty Hardin and his team, but asked they should keep their identities private. Judge Dedra Davis, however, sides with Watson’s team, stating that Buzbee’s staff could be getting an unfair advantage in the case without the names of the accusers.

Since the first lawsuit against Watson was filed on March 16, other women have followed suit with similar accusations against the 25-year-old athlete. During a press conference, Solis claimed that Watson forced to grab his erect penis while she was providing him with massage therapy at her house. She added that she suffers from panic attacks, anxiety and depression as a result of Watson sexually assaulting her.

Watson has admitted that he did have sexual encounters with some of his massage therapists, but insisted it was always consensual. His lawyer Hardin stated, “Were there consensual encounters? Yes. On some occasions, some sexual activities would have taken place but the question that we have always been emphasizing is never at any time under any circumstances did this young man ever engage in anything that was not mutually desired by the other party.”

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