Did Jason Sudeikis Have Braces?

Jason Sudeikis is a popular actor and comedian who has appeared in a wide variety of movies and television projects. Sudeikis, who first gained prominence on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, has worked as a voice actor and writer and has often made headlines for his personal relationships — most notably, with the stunning actress Olivia Wilde.

Although Sudeikis often plays nerdy or socially awkward characters on television and in movies, in his personal life, he is known for his savvy style sense — and in 2017, he opened up about one of his more distinct accessories from his past. 

How did Jason Sudeikis become famous?

Jason Sudeikis was born in Virginia in 1975, according to IMDb. Raised in a working-class family, Sudeikis showed an early talent for sports and excelled at basketball.

He attended Fort Scott Community College on a basketball scholarship, but ultimately, he felt drawn to the entertainment industry. In the ’90s, Sudeikis began performing improv comedy at clubs around the Midwest. Sudeikis’ career didn’t take off right away, and he worked long and hard to establish a solid footing in comedy.

In the early 2000s, Sudeikis became a founding member of the comedy troupe The Second City Las Vegas. With the group, Sudeikis performed in and around Las Vegas for years, before ultimately landing a gig as a writer on Saturday Night Live.

Beginning in 2003, Sudeikis worked as a sketch writer on the show, and would occasionally make appearances on the iconic series as well. By 2005, he had become a staple presence on the show, where he remained until 2013. 

A recent break up with Olivia Wilde

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Jason Sudeikis continued to work in television, with recurring roles in shows like 30 Rock and The Cleveland Show.

He also worked in movies, appearing in big-budget films such as Watching the Detectives, The Ten, What Happens in Vegas, and The Bounty Hunter. Over the years, Sudeikis gained a reputation as an easygoing star who was not only funny but had the ability to play a wide variety of characters.

Sudeikis has been in the headlines on several occasions. His first marriage was to Kay Cannon, a screenwriter. Sudeikis and Cannon were married from 2004 until 2010, when they divorced.

After his divorce from Cannon, Sudeikis began dating actress Olivia Wilde. The two got serious very quickly, and in 2013, they got engaged. Sudeikis and Wilde welcomed two children, Otis and Daisy, but never made it down the aisle. In November 2020, Sudeikis and Wilde announced that they had split up. 

Did Jason Sudeikis ever have braces?

During his relationship with Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis became a bonafide style icon. He and Wilde frequently stepped out on red carpets dressed in the finest designer duds, and over the years, his image has grown and evolved.

Still, he has always remained open about the less-desirable accessories that he sported in his past. In a 2017 interview on YouTube that Sudeikis did with Anne Hathaway, he and the star answered a series of questions posed by Google searches. One of the questions asked whether Hathaway had ever had braces.

Without hesitating, Hathaway admitted that she did at one point have braces. Sudeikis, displaying the honesty that fans love him for, also revealed that he used to have braces as well, which were placed on “the first four teeth.”

These days, Sudeikis no longer rocks braces — but if his comedy roles are any indication, he has no problem making himself look silly for the sake of the character. 

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