Did the Queen’s housekeeper quit over staffers’ refusal to isolate over Christmas?

Back in September, the Queen’s staffers were already trying to figure out what the Queen’s Christmas plans should be. This was obviously before the UK went into another lockdown, although the spikes of coronavirus have been happening for months on both sides of the Atlantic. Anyway, back in September, some people floated the idea that the Queen and the rest of her family might be able to gather at Sandringham like it was any other year. The problem with this plan was that it would have meant that Sandringham staff (plus royal protection officers) would have needed to isolate away from their families for four weeks during the holidays. Those staffers were in REVOLT at the very suggestion. And the Queen was said to be FURIOUS that the peasants would not agree to refuse to see their families over Christmas just so that she could scowl at her relations.

Well, the Queen finally decided last week to simply spend Christmas at Windsor Castle with a small staff and her husband. But apparently the whole “peasants revolting against the Queen” story is still around, and it looks like the Sandringham head housekeeper might have quit her job because of it?

The Queen’s trusted head housekeeper at her Sandringham estate has mysteriously quit her job. The resignation of 56-year-old Patricia Earl follows a staff revolt that threw royal Christmas plans into turmoil.

She was said to be embarrassed after some servants refused to Covid bubble for four weeks over the festive period so that the Queen and Prince Philip would be able to stay there safely. Instead, Her Majesty must now remain at Windsor Castle, meaning she will be spending the festive holiday there for the first time in 33 years.

Patricia, who lives close to Sandringham in the Norfolk village of Dersingham, has worked for the Queen for 32 years. That includes 14 years in her most recent housekeeper role. She was handed the Royal Victorian Order for her service to the Queen in 2018.

Her Majesty was said to be “furious” that staff at the Norfolk estate protested about the quarantine directive. They objected to being away from their families for so long.

Patricia, who it is believed will depart later this month, said she did not want to comment on her position. But a Buckingham Palace spokesman yesterday insisted: “This was a completely amicable departure.”

[From The Sun]

I feel like there are more of these kinds of women, the Patricias and Angela Kellys of the world, who exist as sort of Royal-Adjacent Karens and their jobs are mostly about gatekeeping and being nasty to anyone lower than them on the royal food chain. We don’t know why Patricia really left, but if she quit because household staff in Sandringham wanted to, you know, see their families over Christmas, then that is truly Patricia’s problem. I do feel like the pandemic has really brought out the worst in so many in and around the Windsor clan, right?

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