Disgruntled Ex-Trump Staffers Who Voted for Biden (Photos)

A few of the President’s former employees stuck the knife in with Election Day social media posts

On election day, take a break from all the incredible stress you’re probably feeling with TheWrap’s breakdown of ex-Trump employees getting revenge on their former boss by voting for Joe Biden.

Michael Cohen — “Guess what I did this morning…bright and early?” Trump ex-lawyer tweeted (spoiler: he voted for Biden).

James Comey — “Vote for your country,” the former FBI director said in a tweet that included a photo of him wearing a Biden-Harris t-shirt. So, kind of the opposite of what he did 4 years ago.

Omarosa — “Just know that I voted for the graduate of Howard University, because I’m a Bison through and through!” Omarosa Manigault Newman told Extra, referring to Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Anthony Scaramucci — “@realDonaldTrump is going to get destroyed,” The mooch said in a tweet almost as long as his tenure working for Trump. (JK, mostly.)

Miles Taylor — “Closing argument: 230,000+ American lives lost. Vote him out,” the author of the anonymous “resistance within the Trump White House” op-ed tweeted, referencing the number of people killed by COVID-19. Sidenote, Taylor helped develop Trump’s policy of separating refugee children from their families, a policy the UN says violates international law. 

Alexander Vindman — “This time last year, I appeared before the House Committees investigating @realDonaldTrump ’s extortion of Ukraine to steal an American election. I did my duty & told the truth,” the NSC whistleblower said.

Olivia Troye — “As a lifelong #Republican-for the 1st time ever in my voting life-#IVoted for a straight #Democratic ticket. Together-we can stop @realDonaldTrump from continuing to destroy our country,” the former Homeland Security Official tweeted
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