Dixie D’Amelio Says She’s Proud of Herself & Sister Charli For This

Dixie D’Amelio is expressing how proud of her and her sister Charli she is!

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Wednesday (September 15), the sisters talked about mental health and their Hulu series.

If you haven’t watched it yet, on The D’Amelio Show the girls talk about their mental health fairly extensively, and Dixie says she’s proud of how far they’ve come since filming.

See what she said inside…

“We were both struggling at the time with mental health and we want to support people also dealing with that, but we kind of didn’t know how to do that since we were going through it ourselves,” Dixie told Ellen.

“So showing our mental health journeys I thought was really important to both of us and how far we’ve come since filming,” she continued. “I mean, in the trailer that was me balling my eyes out. Looking back on it now, I’m just so proud of myself and I’m so proud of Charli for how far we’ve come in the past couple months, and that was kind of the whole point of filming it.”

Check out The Ellen DeGeneres Show TODAY (September 15) to see more from the D’Amelio sisters!

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