Donny Osmond says Michael Jackson ‘left him in the dust’ as he opens up on private chat

Donny Osmond reveals Michael Jackson song was for him

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Donny Osmond, 64, has shared a long friendship with Michael Jackson since the pair first met as children performing with their brothers in Toronto, Canada in 1971. Both veteran singers gained worldwide fame gaining fans across the globe and selling millions of records.

The Puppy Love singer rose in popularity as a member of The Osmonds while the King of Pop’s success began as a member of The Jackson Five.

In a candid interview, Donny recalled a time when the duo chatted amongst each other about their success.

The performer said he told the late pop star had “left him in the dust”.

Donny spoke candidly with Emma Freud on BBC Sounds with James Nesbitt where he made the admission.

It comes after the BBC commentator suggested Donny was the “first teen idol”.

Emma commented: “I feel in a way, your first TV appearance at the age of five – heartthrob Donny – you were the first true teen idol. But you really invented the teen idol.

“It never happened before. It was insane, wasn’t it?”

“It was insane,” Donny agreed, “I loved every second of it.”

He continued: “It’s quite interesting because someone told me one time that I think I hold the record for the number of times I’ve been on the teen magazines.

“Back in the States, they were Sixteen, Tiger Beat and all of that stuff. I loved every second of it.”

He went on: “I never realised how many young little teenagers were listening to my records and putting my posters and pictures on the walls. Because I was so busy recording.”

Donny recalled a quiet chat with Michael about the adulation the pair received from their worldwide fame and notoriety.


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He added: “Michael [Jackson] and I talked about it a lot because we were compared back in the 70s a lot.

“And then he kind of left me in the dust in the 80s. But we would talk about this teen idol sensation that we were both going through.

“We were just two little teenagers loving going into the studio, recording hit records.”

Donny’s career hit a lull in the 80s following his success as a teen, while Michael’s soared with the release of Thriller.

But Donny explained the pair’s friendship continued to go from strength to strength.

The two stayed in touch and got together as often as their schedules permitted.

Donny recalled going to see the movie The Dark Crystal with Michael, who insisted they wear trench coats, wigs and sunglasses as a disguise.

“We were just trying to be normal,” he said. But, he confessed, everyone knew it was them.


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