Erin Paine: Pregnant with Baby #4!!!!!

Three months after Josie Bates announced she was pregnant with her first child, another well-known member of this famous family had done Josie one better.

Or three better, sort of, if we’re keeping track precisely.

On Thursday afternoon, Erin Paine (née Bates) confirmed that she and husband Chad Paine are expecting their fourth child together — and they seem pretty darn excited about it.

“It’s official, baby No. 4 is on the way,” the Bringing Up Bates stars told UPtv today.

They added:

“We know that life is fixing to get even crazier, but we’re getting ready for more laughs and more love and celebrating every moment along the way!”

The reality stars are already parents to a four-year old named Carson, a two-year old named Brooklyn and a 14-month old named Everly.

Indeed, they’re about to have FOUR kids under the age of five.

“The thrill and joy of holding another precious baby never grows old,” the pair told Us Weekly when Everly arrived in March of 2018.

“She has already been smothered with love and kisses, and our hearts are so thankful to God for a healthy little baby girl. Seeing Carson and Brooklyn’s faces light up at the sight of their sister brought us to tears.

“It feels like we are experiencing a little bit of heaven on earth right now.”

In this latest case, Erin and Chad shared the precious photos above and below on Instagram as part of their announcement, writing as a caption to followers:

Having one baby changed our lives, but we knew Carson needed a sibling, and after we met our little Brooklyn it was clear she needed one too!

I guess Everly just lucked out! God always has the best plan, and we’re so grateful to get to be a part of raising these gifts.

Baby number four is already so loved and kissed constantly! Life is fixing to be even crazier, with more laughs and more love. We are celebrating every moment.

We don’t know if Erin and Chad are having a boy or a girl; nor do we know her exact due date.

However, the pregnancy will be documented on the Bringing Up Bates spinoff Expecting: Erin & Chad, which premieres this evening, where fans can follow the couple’s sonograms and sex reveal until the baby finally is here.

Erin is the second oldest of the 19 children shared by Gil and Kelly Jo Bates.

Yes, we wrote 19 children.

Hence the many comparisons to the Duggar family.

As a result of this ridiculously enormous brood, the Bates were given their own reality show by UPtv in 2015.

Erin, meanwhile, married Chad in 2013… and the two have been working to crank out babies ever since.

Ahead of Carson’s birth, the Paines had a difficult road to parenthood, as Erin suffered numerous miscarriages due to blood-clotting issues.

“I think I will always have a certain level of fear during pregnancy since I have had miscarriages in the past, but I know I have a great doctor who reassures me we are doing everything to keep baby and mom safe and healthy through this,” Erin previously said.

“I am so grateful for the love and support from Chad as well. I’ve been pampered.”

We send our best wishes to her now for a healthy and relatively easy pregnancy.

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