Fight Breaks Out in Front of Brian Laundrie's Florida Home

Tensions are boiling over on Brian Laundrie‘s block, a fight just broke out right in front of his Florida home involving one of the family’s neighbors.

Ya gotta see the video … the neighbor, in a red shirt, starts screaming at a couple of protestors who have set up camp outside the Laundrie family home … accusing the couple of stepping on his property.

The man sounds like he’s had enough of the protestors on his street, threatening to open a can of whoop-ass if the protestors step foot on his property … something he’s already accused them of doing before.

The showdown is super intense … and it gives a sense of the tensions building on Brian’s block.

As you know … there’s a manhunt for Brian, and the FBI has already searched the house.

The altercation outside Brian’s home comes on the heels of a makeshift floral Gabby Petito memorial on the front lawn getting tossed in the garbage.

Bottom line … Brian’s neighborhood is on edge.

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