Future Clowned for Calling His Exes ‘Toxic’

When speaking to GQ magazine, the ‘Turn on the Lights’ rapper also reveals that he wants to have more children with his future ‘wife’ despite already having 8 kids with 8 different women.

AceShowbizFuture‘s recent remarks about his exes have backfired. A number of people on the Internet clowned the “Way 2 Sexy” rapper after he called his former partners “toxic” in a new interview.

The 38-year-old made the comment when sitting down with GQ Magazine. Asked whether he was irritated being labeled “toxic,” the emcee replied, “People have their own definition of what toxic is… [These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it.”

His statement didn’t sit well with many Twitter users, one of which opined, “Future is not too old to make toxic masculinity bops.” The individual added, “I grew up in the Baptist church he’s got at least 20 more years, 30 if he gets married.”

Another tweeted, “Future saying ‘these women were all toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it’ is so funny to me bcuz that’s definitely something a toxic N***a would say.” A third chimed in, “that future interview was so toxic.”

The “Turn on the Lights” rapper’s famous exes included Joie Chavis, Ciara, Lori Harvey, Larsa Pippen and Dess Dior. He also shares eight kids from eight different women. However, the hip-hop star has yet to give up the idea of having more children.

During a GQ segment where celebrities could ask questions, Future was asked by Julia Fox whether he wants more children. In response, the Atlanta lyricist divulged that he does want to have more kids his “wife” later on, saying, “Um, yes. By my wife, if I ever get married. I wanna have kids by my wife of course. It can be like 3, cause I never had more than one kid by a girl, so if I had two by her then it’s like more than I had. So I feel like it’s more special.”

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