Ghislaine Maxwell Faces Sex Trafficking Charges

Federal prosecutors on Monday expanded their case against Ghislaine Maxwell, former associate of Jeffrey Epstein, bringing two new charges: sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking conspiracy. 

The indictment identifies a new accuser, referred to as “minor victim-4,” whom Maxwell allegedly met when the girl was around 14 years old. The documents claim “minor victim-4” was “recruited to provide Epstein with sexualized massages” that he or associates (including Maxwell) paid for. The massages allegedly took place between 2001 and 2004 at Epstein’s Palm Beach residence.

Maxwell allegedly “groomed” “minor victim-4” in multiple ways, including seeking to “normalize inappropriate and abusive conduct by, among other things, discussing sexual topics in front of minor victim-4 and being present when minor victim-4 was nude in the massage room of the Palm Beach residence.”

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“Minor victim-4” allegedly gave Epstein nude massages and “engaged in multiple sex acts” with him. During the 2001-2004 time frame, Epstein’s staff, including Maxwell, sent gifts to her Florida home, court documents allege. Maxwell and Epstein are accused of encouraging her to recruit other young girls to provide similar massages. In response, the indictment says, the girl and others she recruited were paid hundreds of dollars in cash. 

New York federal projectors previously charged Maxwell with six crimes, including conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and perjury. Maxwell now faces eight total counts. 

Maxwell, who is being held at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, pleaded not guilty to the original charges and has repeatedly denied all the allegations levied against her. She has been jailed since her 2020 arrest and is awaiting a trial for July.

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