Halsey Says She ‘Might Skip’ ‘SNL’ With Kim Kardashian To Play With Son Ender, 2 Mos.: ‘Feeling Busy’

Halsey is scheduled to perform on ‘SNL’ for the whopping 5th time — but the singer teased she may not make the Oct. 9 show!

Halsey, 27, is set to return to Saturday Night Live on Oct. 9 alongside first-time host Kim Kardashian, 40 — but the GRAMMY winner says she may not make it. The singer posted the curious message to Twitter, saying she wanted to “skip” the show to play with her 2-month-old son Ender Ridley instead. “Feeling very busy playing with my baby’s chubby legs and tater tot feet might skip SNL idk,” she posted earlier in the day.

The official SNL account quickly replied to the tweet,m begging the star not to pull the trigger. “please no!!! please no!!!” they wrote back, along with an emoji reading “oh my god.” Of course, Halsey is likely joking given her long running history on the series, dating back to her 2018 debut when she sang breakout single “Him & I.”

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The New Jersey native, née Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, has proven to be a favorite of show runner Lorne Michaels who invited her back for a double duty hosting and performing gig in 2019. She last appeared on the series before the COVID-19 pandemic in Jan. 2020. She is already in New York City, as well, having appeared in several pre-show promos with Kim!

Halsey’s latest appearance marks the first since she gave birth in July to her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin, 37. Her latest album and documentary of the same name, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, both chronicle her transition to motherhood, as well as experience being pregnant and giving birth.

There’s plenty of anticipation for tonight’s episode as all eyes are on Kim for her big debut. Rumors began swirling that Kim would be potentially hosting during season 47 after she and her mom Kris Jenner, 65, were spotted having lunch with Lorne at the Beverly Hills Hotel in August. The news was confirmed via SNL‘s official Twitter account the following month.

The KarJenners are no stranger to the SNL universe, particularly Kim, who has been spoofed 14 times on the series. Kim is the first member of the family to actually appear on and host the show — and a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that no jokes are off the table for her. “One thing she has done and to put the cast at ease is that she has told them that any idea is a good idea, and they can absolutely present her anything and she is willing to make fun of herself and she has mentioned that nothing is off-limits,” the insider spilled. “She wants the best idea to win, and she wants to really make it a fun show. If they want to make fun of her family and have some family members on the show, she is all for it.”

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