Holly Willoughby stuns with VERY fresh post-NTAs appearance

‘Having more alcohol helps, it’s scientific!’ Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield down Bloody Marys as they nurse NTA hangovers… yet viewers claim the annual stunt is ‘fake’

Each year, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stun fans with their bleary-eyed post-NTA TV appearances and on Wednesday they were at it once again. 

The duo pulled their usual stunt, as they insisted they had enjoyed a heavy night at the awards ceremony and joked live on This Morning about mixing drinks – before downing Bloody Marys on-screen for a spot of ‘hair of the dog’. 

Despite the hilarious stunt, fans were not convinced due to Holly’s extremely fresh-faced appearance as fans flooded social media.   

Back on it: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were back on the sauce on Wednesday as they claimed to be suffering with hangovers following the National TV Awards

Holly and Phil looked bamboozled during their turn on TV, yet still found time to gush over their award – which they scooped for the tenth year in a row. 

In a hilarious turn, the duo dedicated their gong to Iris Jones – the very forthcoming pensioner, 80, who discussed her sex life with the couple on Tuesday. 

In a segment titled, My Egyptian Toyboy Isn’t After My Money, Iris discussed her relationship with 35-year-old Cairo native Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham, who she fell in love with after meeting on Facebook.

Discussing the now-iconic moment, Phil said he wanted to dedicate it to the octogenarian who had them in peels of laughter earlier in the day. 

Drink up! The duo were feeling playful as they clutched their gong

Wow! Taking to social media, This Morning viewers noted that Holly looked totally fresh-faced in a stunning snap just moments before appearing on the show

Viewers seemed to doubt the duo’s age-old stunt, with fans tweeting: ‘So do holly and Phil pretend every year to be hungover after the NTAs? if Phil and Holly feel that rough then don’t come in cmon guys be professional!… 

‘That’s funny isn’t it when Phil & Holly win an award and get drunk and turn up the next day apparently still drunk and talk about how drunk they were and are and how much fun it was eating a kebab off a dog in Rusty Lee’s back garden! So zany.’

Prior to this, This Morning viewers noted that Holly looked totally fresh-faced in a stunning snap just moments before appearing on the show. 

After Holly shared the snap snap, fans wrote: ‘Gutted wanted to see you and Phil smashed on tele again… I was expecting to see a repeat of last year… Aww no drunken shenanigans I’m a tad disappointed.’

A vision: Holly wowed the night before when she donned an exquisite frothy gown

Fans continued their bewildered response, as they penned: ‘I’m surprised you’re not hungover… Wooooo you’re there in one piece!!! excited for today’s show… 

‘Least you’re not in last nights clothes that’s an improvement. well done guys @hollywilloughby @schofe xxx… Are ya rough today hun? Well done.’

In the glowing shot, she clutched their award for Best Daytime show.

Having wowed in a frothy gown the night before, Holly was sporting an elegant tea dress in the morning while her hair was flawlessly coiffed.  

Uh oh! Each year, Holly and Phillip stun fans with their bleary-eyed post-NTA TV appearances (pictured pretending to sleep on the show in 2016)

Ahead of the show kicking off, Lorraine teased the upcoming show and showed a table laden with bottles before assuring viewers: ‘I’m sure they’ll turn up!’

At the awards show the previous night, the duo – along with Rochelle Humes and Alice Beer – by smuggling in their own shots in a handbag. 

During the pre-show reception, consumer editor Alice admitted to a stunned Phillip, Holly and Rochelle that she decided to pre-pack booze ahead of the televised awards for everyone to share.

Weak: Last year (pictured) was the same stunt once again, as they duo claimed to be struggling through the morning after a boozy night the previous evening

Reaching into her bulging silver handbag she got some awkward glances from onlookers as she brought out a plastic bag of around ten shot glasses, a pre mixed cocktail shaker of margarita and a bag of ready cut limes as well as some miniatures of booze for them to enjoy.

After Phil asked her ‘what’s in your bag’, she told him: ‘You really want to see? Ok, salted shot glasses, margarita mix, sliced lime – fresh organic and we’ve got shots.’

Although flabbergasted, Phil, who later shared the moment in his Snapchat, joked : ‘Bloody hell, this woman, have you got any sandwiches?’, it wasn’t long before he began indulging in the drinks alongside cast and crew including Rochelle, and Nick and Eva Speakman.

As Holly toasted the evening ahead with her shot glass she said: ‘This is why I love This Morning.’ Phil spent the rest of the night taking the mickey out of Holly’s dress with its ultra long train. 

Last year, Holly and Phillip were very hungover on This Morning after the awards, with a green-looking Phillip almost vomiting into his helmet.

The co-hosts turned up to work on motorbikes, driving directly into the studio after beating the likes of GMB to Best Daytime show.

Earlier, the pair failed to show their faces on the screen as they reached for the aspirin, during a teaser, with a tagline reading: ‘We’re live at 10.30, hopefully.’

The duo are now infamous for presenting the following morning’s edition of This Morning in a hilarious and hungover state – yet Wednesday was a change.


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