Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts urges fan to ‘prove him wrong’ after dispute

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Martin Roberts, 56, is used to dishing out advice in his weekly Q&A sessions but he was knocked for six when a fan chose to ignore his suggestions. The revelation caused him to challenge them to “prove him wrong” and he would stand corrected.

Give it a go and send me a picture to prove me wrong

Martin Roberts

It comes after the viewer asked him for some guidance about painting their kitchen, giving him two colour options to choose from.

But Martin was taken aback when he saw what they would be slapping on the walls.

The fan wrote: “Hi, we are painting our kitchen cabinets grey, but cannot decide on what colour to paint the walls. Hubby likes the dark green and I like the denim. What do you think? Any other suggestions? Thanks.”

Rather than giving a simple, straight answer, Martin took the opportunity to take a light-hearted pop at their colour schemes, all in jest of course.

“Dark green or denim? You’re not decorating for the masses, are you!” he replied with a laughing face.

“Have you thought of a complementary lighter grey, with some dark green/denim accessories?”

But his suggestion wasn’t taken on board as the fan insisted they were sticking to their guns.

“No just decorating for the kids and ourselves,” they chuckled at the friendly swipe.

“We like darker colours as the kids put these greasy mucky fingers on the walls. Any other darker colour suggestions?”

While they pressed for help, Martin couldn’t get on board with the idea of a dark kitchen.

“It’s your place. Paint it however you like,” he responded before challenging them to prove they had a decorative eye.

“I just know darker colours can work but you need to be careful. Give it a go and send me a picture to prove me wrong.”

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Whether an update will come, no one knows, but Martin wished the fan all the best with the refurbishment nonetheless.

Elsewhere, the BBC host went on a stroll down memory lane as someone else wanted to know what was the most shocking development he remembers visiting.

The viewer asked: “In all the 17 years of presenting #HomesUnderTheHammer, what one development has shocked you the most?”

They added: “Either for the good reason or the bad reason.”

After a good old think, Martin finally revealed the most memorable that still makes him laugh to this day.

“There was a chap who bought a flat in Northern Ireland, and the only thing that he did between our first visit and going back was fit a new toilet seat,” he giggled.

“Budget: £16.99 – still makes me laugh!”

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10:45am on BBC One.

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