How To Plan A ‘Schitt’s Creek’-Inspired Friendsgiving At Home With Your Roomies

Thanksgiving is a time for showering your favorite people with even more love and gratitude than you do on the regular. You might plan a special dinner with your roommates who feel like family, or even be inspired by a fictional family you wish you could hang out with: the Roses from Schitt’s Creek. Plan a Friendsgiving that David, Alexis, Moira, and Johnny Rose would love to attend. All you need to know is how to plan a Schitt’s Creek-inspired Friendsgiving with your housemates.

It’s a whole lot easier than folding in the cheese. Simply get some Schitt’s Creek decor to liven up your dinner table, and hang up a "best wishes, warmest regards" banner in your dining room. Put together a photo booth in a cozy corner of your space for some silly snaps that you can pair with your favorite David Rose quotes as your Instagram captions.

Since the Rose family is fashionable AF, you and your roomies can dress the part with some matching tees. Pour your wine in some Rose-worthy glasses, and enjoy it with a funny cheese board before your meal. Continue the party with your roomies by rewatching some of the best episodes in the backyard or have a "simply the best" dance party. No need to hide in the closet like Moira, because everything you need to have the perfect Schitt’s Creek-inspired Friendsgiving is right here.

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1. Set Up A Photo Booth For The Cutest Instas

A good Friendsgiving needs a photo booth for pictures you can post on the ‘gram. Give a corner of your space a picture-perfect makeover with a metallic curtain ($7, and a ring light ($16, That way, you and your roomies can snap as many cute selfies with Schitt’s Creek props ($10, as you’d like. Post them on Insta with some your fave lines from the show.

2. Wear Matching Quote Tees

Get your roomies matching quote tees ($10, to wear this Friendsgiving. One of the most iconic lines from the series is when Alexis says, "Ew, David," which is such a solid choice. Get the same shirt in different colors, and pose together for the cutest group picture.

3. Set Up A Cheese Board That Has A Funny Nod To The Show

The "fold in the cheese" scene still makes you LOL, and this Schitt’s Creek cheese board ($30, is just too good to pass up on. Be sure to grab one for your Friendsgiving, so you can serve up all your fave spreads, meats, and cheeses. Wear colorful aprons ($95,, just like David and Moira, for even more Insta-worthy fun.

4. Sip Wine From ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Wine Glasses

While you may not be able to (or want to) drink a glass of Herb Ertlinger fruit wine, you can enjoy a delicious sip like Chaddsford Winery’s Spiced Apple that’s perfect for fall ($14, Get different Schitt’s Creek quote wine glasses ($8, for each one of your roomies. With your wine in hand, try to recreate Moira’s commercial for a cute Instagram Reel.

5. Add "The Best" To Your Party Playlist

The song "The Best" sung by Tina Turner has a special meaning to Schitt’s Creek fans who ship David and Patrick. Add it to a Spotify playlist you curate with other Schitt’s Creek songs like "A Little Bit Alexis." Then, have a post-dinner dance party with your bluetooth speakers ($100,

6. Rock Different Colored Wigs During Dinner

Every member of the Rose family was known for their impeccable fashion taste, but one particular member always knew how to dress from head to toe: Moira. Moira rocked iconic look after iconic look, and it was all thanks to her many wigs.

Have a wig moment of your own this Friendsgiving. Each one of your roomies can rock a different, colorful wig ($36, during dinner that’ll make your pictures especially fun.

7. Decorate Your Setup With Rose-Worthy Decor

Swap out your pinecone turkeys and gourds for some Schitt’s Creek table decor. Give little nods to the show with Moria-like sunglasses ($10,, a Rosebud Motel keychain ($8,, and a bouquet of pink carnations ($68, Don’t forget to hang up a Schitt’s Creek banner ($15, for added spirit.

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