‘I know I’m naive!’ Emmerdale star Mark Charnock rages online after falling for scam

Lorraine: Emmerdale's Mark Charnock on Mandy Dingle's return

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Kind-hearted Emmerdale star Mark Charnock sent an elderly woman a donation to help her rebuild a destroyed greenhouse, only to find that he’d been conned. The 53-year-old actor, who describes himself in his Twitter bio as a “freakishly tall northern fictional chef”, sounded off on Twitter with the warning: “Scam alert!”

I know I’m naive, but I thought I was helping an old lady rebuild her greenhouse

Mark Charnock

“Someone posing as a person I follow (using their photo and name – don’t ask me how, perhaps they changed the lettering slightly?) asked why I’d stopped following them,” he told his 182,500 followers.

“I ‘re-followed’, then she asked me for a donation for something. All seemed legit. PayPal account etc.”

However he soon discovered otherwise, adding: “FRAUD!”

“That’s a well known scam actually,” Bijou_86 replied.

“Whenever you get a message like that it’s good to check the people you follow for that person’s profile and let them know (via the one you know is legit) someone is posing as them.”

While Mark was cursing his own naivety, jay196447 added a reassuring: “Don’t feel too bad we’ve all been scammed at one time or another xx.”

Another fan, Polly shared her own experience, explaining: “Same happened to me, thought I was helping someone.

“[Then] I received an email stating North Yorkshire Police were investigating.”

Mark soon returned with an update, explaining: “It was only a small amount of money lost, but the principle of it really, really annoys me.

“I know I’m naive, but I thought I was helping an old lady rebuild her greenhouse (!!) and who knows where the money’s gone.

“Not somewhere too dodgy, I hope….”

Stunned fans rallied round with messages of support, including one who appeared to have been targeted the same way.

“I saw a fund page with a story about an old lady whose green house blew down, maybe that was a scam too!” fired back paisley000, only for Mark to reply: “That was it! Exactly that.”

PaulphilipRobe1 reassured him: “You are not naive, just a guy trying to help another person – good luck with your endeavours, Mark.”

Ruthieallyson echoed: “You did the right thing. You gave to someone you thought was genuinely in need.

“The scammers are the ones at fault… You can hold your head high, knowing you showed compassion!”

Struggling to contain all of his thoughts and feelings in a single tweet, he came back with another update, this time advising others on what to do if they encounter the same problem.

“The name of the recipient on my credit card isn’t the name on the PayPal funding page,” he explained.

“If this happens to you, it’s worth taking screenshots & reporting it to the police, so you’ve got proof: you can do that here: http://actionfraud.police.uk. Don’t be naive like me!”

Meanwhile, Mark’s Emmerdale character Marlon Dingle will be considerably less sweet than he seems during forthcoming scenes in the soap, when he unleashes his fury following businessman Al’s interference at the pub – the next episode airs tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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