Iggy Azalea Just Found Out Peppa Pig Is Dropping An Album The Same Day As Her And Now She Wants A Collab

So obviously this icon needs no introduction, but just in case you don’t know who she is, she’s Peppa Pig, star of the British animated series Peppa Pig.

Iggy tweeted this out after finding out Peppa was dropping her album on Friday:


And Peppa, being the gracious queen that she is, replied to Iggy with this maybe shady tweet (?):

Of course, Twitter was living for this exchange:

With a lot of Twitter peeps demanding a collab:

Even Iggy herself weighed in and said she wanted a collab —um, along with a not-so-subtle threat:

Peppa has yet to reply to Iggy’s collab request/threat…but, hopefully there is a collab in the future…

…and hopefully it isn’t another “Pretty Girls.” ?

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