‘Is this a prank?’ Piers Morgan’s wife Celia Walden queries Meghan Markle Ellen appearance

Piers Morgan: TV return teased by wife Celia Walden

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Celia Walden has weighed in on Meghan Markle’s recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres in her latest column. Piers Morgan’s wife reflected on the Duchess of Sussex’s appearance where she took part in some pranks for the talk show host.

However, Celia admitted she was left wondering whether the chat itself was a “prank” after watching it.

She referenced a segment where Meghan went shopping while host Ellen told her what to do through an earpiece.

As a result, the Duchess had to do some hilarious things in front of unsuspecting members of the public.

This includes eating food like “a chipmunk” and singing a song about being a kitten while dressed as a cat.

Another moment saw her drinking milk from a baby bottle after declaring her love for hot sauce.

Celia penned in her Telegraph column: “It reached the stage where, like the royal biographer Angela Levin, who tweeted ‘I wonder whether Ellen DeGeneres has a grudge against Meghan and wanted her to look so foolish her career would crumble’, I began to ask myself whether this might in fact be a prank within a prank.

“Whether it was part of a sophisticated, cruel game the 63-year-old TV host had decided to play to see how far the actress-turned-duchess, – whom she has previously mocked on the show as “the holder of case 24 on Deal or No Deal” – would go for the sake of celebrity?”

This was in reference to a stand-up routine from Ellen which discussed her appearance on the gameshow.

Although, despite being less than impressed by the chat, the outspoken writer did add how the chat was also a “relief”.

This is because Celia admitted she liked to see Meghan being “cheeky and cheerful” rather than a “victim”.

However, many viewers had a different reaction to Meghan’s appearance on the show.

Taking to social media, plenty of fans pointed out how “hilarious” the moment was.

User @Nicnozz8 added on November 18: “Today’s @TheEllenShow was THE BEST ever!!!

“The laugh today had my stomach hurting, and my cheeks hurting.

“I have been laid up with my numerous arm surgeries, It was nice to laugh today and rest… thank you @TheEllenShow and #MeghanMarkle.”

@Depass1 penned: “Comedy gold #MeghanMarkle on #Ellen I can’t!!!”

Mimi wrote: “Funny, happy, goofy Meghan is back. She is thriving! #MeghanOnEllen #DuchessOfSussex #MeghanMarkle.”

“I cried laughing I swear, our girl is so funny and hilarious, Meghan’s back #MeghanOnEllen,” Selwa tweeted.

The interview aired on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US on CBS at 8pm on Thursday.

It will be broadcast on ITV2 within a week of its US release.

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