‘I’ve felt incredibly low’ BBC Radio One star Matt Edmondson diagnosed with rare disorder

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Matt Edmondson, 35, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share with his followers a health update he has been keeping to himself for several years. The presenter has cyclothymia, a rare disorder that causes periods of feeling low and depressed, followed by extreme happiness.

I was diagnosed with a condition called Cyclothymia.

Matt Edmondson

He wrote to his 106,000 followers: “It all started in lockdown – like lots of people I was quite scared of the prospect of lots of isolation, of my usual work disappearing and of any normal sense of routine going out the window.

“But a few years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Cyclothymia.”

He continued: “It’s a bit like Bipolar Two, but with a significantly less extreme mood spectrum.”

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The music star says his moods can swing from “euphoric productivity [to] depression”.

He revealed: “For a long time, I was in either one of those two moods.

“The ‘up’ times truly feel fantastic. They come with a relentless energy, sense of excitement and hunger for new ideas.”

He added that during these “up” times he doesn’t get much sleep, does not eat and gets lots of work done in very short spaces of time.

His low periods were what caused him to seek professional help, due to the “incredibly strong anxious thoughts”.

The presenter struggled for years prior to his diagnosis, feeling a sigh of relief when he knew what was wrong.

Matt added: “So – the depression. This is going to sound corny, but it’s true. Discovering making music saved me. See, it’s a bit corny, isn’t it?”

He spent an entire year making Not Another Love Song with his favourite singers, distracting himself from his inner demons.

His first song is called Hayfever, which he co-wrote with James Arthur.

Matt was inundated with support in the comments from friends and fans alike.

Fellow presenter Gabby Roslin said: “You are awesome Matt.

“So great that you’ve spoken about this and you are blooming brilliant at all you do. You fill the world with positivity and joy, so thank you for that. Can’t wait to hear the songs!”

His Radio 1 costar Clara Anfo commented: “‘Corny’ is a word that we are all guilty of using to police the truth, in many causes our or others’ joy.

“You’re not corny, you’re bravely letting people see who you are and accepting all of yourself publicly, not easy. Salute.”

Queer Eye’s Tan France, meanwhile, said: “I had no idea, mate. I’m so glad you have an outlet that offers you some balance and joy. I can’t wait to hear the album.”

Singer Maisie Peters added: “Thrilled to be part of it and just so you know, u are actually MY favourite popstar.” (sic)

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