Jadah Marie Says This ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Deleted Scene Brought Her & Madison Reyes Closer

A new, deleted scene from season one of Julie and The Phantoms was recently released!

The clip is from the first episode and shows Julie (Madison Reyes) running down the stairs and Flynn (Jadah Marie) going after her.

Flynn encourages Julie to get back into the class and show them that she can sing.

“I’ve tried for myself, I’ve tried for Ms. Harrison, I’ve tried for you, I’ve tried for dad and I’ve tried for mom,” Julie says, tearing up. “For a whole year, I’ve been trying, but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t. I’m done.”

Jadah Marie shared the clip on her Instagram and said that that scene brought them closer together IRL.

“DELETE SCENE// This scene really brought Madi and Is friendship closer. Love this girl!❤️,” she wrote. Check out the scene now!

While Julie and The Phantoms hasn’t yet been picked up for a second season, we’re really crossing our fingers and hoping for one!

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