Jameela Jamil shuts down “bulls**t headlines” about her during quarantine

“This is a perfect example of media manipulation,” says Jameela Jamil.

Jameela Jamil has always made a point of calling out injustice, using her position in the spotlight to call out the likes of the Kardashians, social media trolls, and Piers Morgan.

Now, The Good Place star has highlighted a “perfect example of media manipulation” to her 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

Taking to her feed, Jamil shared a screengrab of a headline, which read: “People aren’t happy about these quarantine posts from celebs.”

The article had been illustrated with two photos: one of Ellen DeGeneres, and one and Jamil herself, snapped during an animated discussion on a TV talk show.

Alongside the screengrab, Jamil tweeted: “THIS IS FUCKING INSANE. A PERFECT example of media manipulation.”

The actor and activist continued: “They use a picture of me looking maniacal when I’m not even on the list.

“A comedian made fun of ME regarding coronavirus and SHE got the pushback, but MY name and photo is used as bait.”

Jamil added: “[This is a clear case of] setting up the brown girl.”

In a follow-up tweet, Jamil explained: “The sheer AMOUNT of bullshit headlines and accompanying photos to tell a false narrative about me that I have to swallow.

“I’m a chilled and silly person painted/framed as some hysterical/ranting/violent/unstable mess by the media who do this to EVERY outspoken woman. Ever.”

Responding to Jamil’s tweets, one follower noted: “They tried to Markle you. But, unlike Meghan, you can use Twitter to cuss and expose them.

“They’ve been using the brown girl as clickbait for way too long.”

Another added: “I don’t have any idea how you handle all this crap.

“The volume of misinformation and intentional redirection is astonishing. Especially around women and POC. Is anyone whose face is recognisable fair game to bend the truth around?? Why? And it’s everywhere, on all of my feeds.”

Jamil isn’t wrong, of course. All you need do is look at the disparaging headlines about her, about Michelle Obama, about Meghan Markle, about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, about… well, any woman who shakes up the status quo. Who defies expectation. Who forges her own path. Who doesn’t stay in her lane.

As we here at Stylist have said before, all the worst parts of the world’s press seem to have 101 problems with these women. Their solution to this? Apparently, to construct a narrative that employs all of the deeply sexist semantics of modern-day language to ensure that the world knows, once and for all, that these women are Bad News.

We’re glad that Jamil is here to stand up for herself. To call this stuff out. To stop clicking baseless tabloid slander. Because, until we all start doing so, these stories will continue to be the norm. Unkindness will forever continue to be the theme of the day.

And, in the age of Covid-19, surely we should be promoting kindness above all else?

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