James Jordan: Strictly star’s wife Ola addresses family lockdown concern: ‘She freaks out’

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James Jordan, 42, and Ola Jordan, 37, welcomed their daughter Ella in February. The former Strictly Come Dancing stars have opened up about their baby’s sleep routine as they admitted “she freaks out”.

Speaking in a new interview, James and Ola revealed they have been allowing their daughter to sleep in the same two rooms of their family home following the nationwide lockdown.

But the pair admitted Ella will often look for them after rousing from a nap.

More recently, the couple had their daughter sleep in the garden to enjoy some sunshine but she “panicked” until she saw her parents.

“Because of the lockdown she’s been in the same two rooms for most of the time and she’s used to that, so when we take her away from that, she freaks out,” Ola explained to HELLO! magazine.


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“I’m going to have to help her get used to her own bedroom. She sleeps in our room so I need to put her in there more.”

James said: “Maybe have her nap in there during the day?

“At six months is when we think we’re going to put her in her own room with a monitor.”

He continued: “I don’t want to be one of those parents where you’re sleeping with your child, but that’s just my personal opinion.

“They should go in their room and stay there, then come for snuggles in the morning. Then again I’ll probably be one of those parents who is like, ‘Oh let her come into the bed!'”

Speaking on Loose Women, the dancing duo reflected on their successful IVF journey for fertility week earlier this year but admitted things haven’t always been smooth-sailing.

James and Ola have been married for 20 years but endured a long road to parenthood.

The former Strictly stars revealed they hid their problems to conceive from their family including James’ parents.

He explained: “My parents didn’t even know, so when we told them they were very tearful.”

James admitted the couple didn’t inform either of their parents because they didn’t want them to “worry” about their IVF struggles.

“You get to that age in life where you think, they don’t need more stress,” the dancer said: “They’ve got their own issues.”

James recalled: “Do you remember on Dancing On Ice, I broke down one night because someone started speaking about it.

“I broke down in front of everyone because when I’m with Ola, it’s the man thing of being strong. People started talking about [IVF] and I just broke down in front of everyone. It was tough.”

The couple went through a three-year wait before Ola successfully became pregnant last year.

Elsewhere, James gave an update on his father Allan recently suffered three strokes and tested positive for coronavirus.

While his dad is now home, the Dancing On Ice winner said he is still “very weak and fragile”.

James admitted he was “just keeping my fingers crossed” and was hoping that him being out of hospital will give him a boost.

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