Jamie Lynn Spears Recalls Being Forced to Audition for ‘Twilight’: ‘That Is So Stupid’

The ‘Zoey 101’ alum remembers going to the audition where she saw Lily Collins in the same room and feeling ‘so sick,’ not knowing that she was pregnant at the time.

AceShowbizJamie Lynn Spears had apparently vied for “Twilight” when she was 16 years old. More than a decade after the Catherine Hardwicke-directed movie hit the theaters, the actress best known for her portrayal of Zoey Brooks on “Zoey 101” recalled being forced to go to its audition thinking that it was “so stupid.”

“They had to force me. Force me,” the 29-year-old opened up in an interview with Nylon magazine on Monday, October 19. “I remember just thinking like, ‘Y’all are insane. I’m not playing a vampire. That is so stupid. Why would I do that?’ ” Still, she admitted that she “went and read for that role.”

The younger sister of Britney Spears went on to name another star trying for the role as well. “I remember sitting in this little room, and I think Lily Collins was there, and I felt so sick,” she spilled before noting that she did not realize that she was expecting her first child with her highschool sweetheart Casey Aldridge at that time. “Little did I know, I was pregnant.”

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When talking about being pregnant at 16, the Noreen Fitzgibbons of “Sweet Magnolias” shared, “You have your first love, or what you call love in high school. You think it’s forever, and then, oh my gosh, I’m pregnant.” She added, “I am mortified to have to tell my parents this and my family this. I do not care what TMZ thinks about it.”

“That was all I was thinking about: ‘These are the people I love that I have to tell, and also, I’m pregnant. There’s a human being growing inside of me, and I’m so young, I’m almost a baby myself,’ ” she continued. “I didn’t really care about any of that nonsense, but when we did announce that I was pregnant, I did hide away for a little bit during that time and I didn’t have a phone.”

“But of course, the paparazzi still found me. It’s not like I was in L.A. walking down the middle of the most popular boulevard; I was in the middle of nowhere Mississippi,” the mother of two further recounted. “I tried to do the best that I could. And yet, sure enough, everywhere I went in Mississippi for that whole nine months, there was always paparazzi on me everywhere I went.”

Jamie welcomed her first child, now-12-year-old Maddie, back in 2008. The “Shotgun Wedding” songstress, however, ended her relationship with Casey two years afterward. Following the split, the TV personality got into a relationship with businessman Jamie Watson. The two tied the knot in 2014, and have since shared a 2-year-old daughter, Ivey Joan, together.

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