Jenelle Evans Is Back Together With David Eason. Here’s the Proof

Well, we suppose she deserves some credit for standing her ground for a few months.

When Jenelle Evans left David Eason back in October, fans were hopeful that this would be the start of a new phase in Evans' life and career.

After all, David seemed to inspire some of her most abhorrent behavior, and he was largely responsibly for the end of her television career.

With Eason out of the picture, both Jenelle and her fans hoped that she would experience a turnaround that would put her on the path to redemption.

Sadly, just three months after she announced her separation, it seems we have evidence that Jenelle has returned to her abusive ex.

And those reports of Jenelle returning to television?

Well, it seems former reality star is still in the habit of misleading her fans and telling outright lies to the public.

Take a look:


2.She Has So Much Practice …

3…. And Yet She Still Sucks at Lying

4.Tip of the Iceberg

5.Who Knows?

6.Back to Her Old Ways

7.Forever Shady

8.The Comeback Kid


10.Free at Last

11.Yeah … No

12.What a Shocker

13.Time to Apply For Benefits!

14.Smart Move

15.Sometimes, There's Justice In the World

16.Here We Go Again

17.These Two

18.Faking It?

19.The Real Deal

20.The Babs Factor

21.Another Reconciliation

22.Good Call

23.Feeling Dumb

24.She'll Do That to Ya

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