Jenelle Evans Posts Annual Christmas Pics, Gets Roasted Over an Open Fire

Whenever Jenelle Evans does anything on social media, she receives two very different types of comments.

There’s the fawning praise from fans who think Jenelle can do no wrong, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

And then there are the folks who live on planet Earth, who are aware that Jenelle probably shouldn’t be allowed near anyone’s children, and she certainly shouldn’t be allowed to raise three of her own.

Of course, these days, Jenelle is unemployed, which means she has nothing better to do than constantly scroll through her comments and delete the ones that are even mildly critical of her.

Jenelle posted her annual holiday photos this week, and she was especially vigilant about filtering out any negativity/realistic assessments of her situation.

But it seems the avalanche of trash talk was so intense that even Jenelle couldn’t handle it all.

Thankfully, the kids weren’t targeted in any comments that we saw.

Instead, Jenelle and David critics stuck to more acceptable topics, like David’s dumb hat, or the fact that the Easons still don’t have custody of all their kids.

“Only thing missing is Kaden,” one fan commented on the pic above, referring to David’s son from a previous relationship, whom he reportedly hasn’t seen in years.

“Would look better with just you & your kids,” another added.

“Who’s that Amish guy in the back?” a third joked.

And then there were the comments about Jenelle herself.

Now, as we always say in these situations, we’re not fans of body-shaming under any circumstances.

Besides, it’s much more interesting and important to stick to topics like Jenelle’s racism that really get to the heart of what a terrible person she is.

But the remarks about Jenelle’s weight give you an idea of the kind of comments she’s furiously deleting in order to create the impression that she’s beloved by all.

“Damn girl slow down with the Christmas cookies,” one person wrote.

“Congratulations janelle on your new baby,” another added.

Again, that’s not cool, and we’re sure those comments will soon be deleted.

But the situation raises the question of why Jenelle is so desperate to give the impression that she’s universally beloved on social media, when we all know that’s not the case.

Like Kim Jong-un or her hero, Donald Trump, Jenelle devotes a tremendous amount of energy to making it appear as though everyone loves her.

But unlike those other two, she doesn’t receive a whole lot in exchange.

Plus, Jenelle loves sympathy, and she’s forever complaining about how much hate she receives online.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t she leave the comments out there as evidence of the alleged abuse she endures?

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Well, we guess it’s her page, and her prerogative.

Maybe if Jenelle sticks to TikTok dance videos, she won’t have to worry about deleting so many comments from people who are critical of her deplorable behavior.

But as long as she continues to remind people that there are kids and an abusive stepdad involve, commenters are gonna continue to bust out the big guns when it’s trash-talk time.

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