Jenelle Evans Slams ‘Ridiculous’ Claim Her Husband Is Racist: ‘His Best Friend Is Black’

Jenelle Evans is turning a blind eye towards David Eason’s Confederate flag he loves to sport on Instagram, as she denies the racist — and even homophobic — claims against her husband in a new interview.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans attempted to justify David Eason’s controversial social media behavior once again. In light of the racist and homophobic claims against her husband that are piling up, she told Us Weekly on Jan. 7, “I think that’s just ridiculous because a lot of people even say he’s racist, but his best friend is black.” MTV fans have accused David of being a racist for constantly parading the Confederate flag, often linked to racial prejudice and slavery, across his Instagram feed — he even wore it proudly at the Grand Canyon in Nov. 2018. But Jenelle, 27, had even more to say about his remarks regarding the LGBT community.

“And he also has no problem with gay people,” Jenelle continued to tell Us Weekly. Recall that David lost his job and air time on Teen Mom 2 in Feb. 2018 after posting alleged (and now deleted) homophobic tweets. According to screenshots (below), David wrote he’ll teach his kids not to “associate with” transgender and gay people and suggested that “homo and transgender parents” need to teach “better morals” to their children. “Someone just asked him an opinion [on] how he felt [about] transgender people around his kids and he gave his response,” Jenelle explained to the magazine, although it’s unclear if she was referring to any of the aforementioned tweets. “He didn’t just randomly tweet this…someone came and asked him and he told him his response. And that’s when everything blew up.”

But Jenelle thinks playing David’s defender online is “getting old,” as she was “only ever concerned” with her mother Barbara’s opinion, she told the outlet. “My mom accepts him now and that’s all I was worried about. That’s it,” Jenelle admitted. “Now I just want everyone to get along…I don’t care what anyone else says.”

David’s recent arrest didn’t enter the conversation, however. The disgraced MTV star was charged for “illegally towing the truck of North Carolina resident Terry Hill,” per Radar Online’s report on Dec. 27, 2018. What a way to end the year!

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