John Cena Explains Why He Chose Jorts for His WWE Ring Attire – Watch!

John Cena is clearing the air about his wardrobe choice as a WWE wrestler!

While making an appearance on The Late Late Show on Wednesday (January 15) alongside January Jones, the 42-year-old pro wrestler turned actor explained the origins of his unique jorts gear.

“If you look at my other options, it’s just underwear. I wanted to do some sort of street-clothes because my persona was a tough wannabe rapper kid from the mean street of West Newbury,” John explained. “Tough to do that in your underwear.”

“I chose denim because you don’t blow the crotch out of denim,” Cena added. “I tried cargo pants, and in front of the world a few times … here I am trying to put my life on the line with the Superstars I’m having a match with, and everyone’s just looking at my d–k. So denim’s a safe play.”

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