John Mayer Reveals He’s Been Sober 2 Years After ‘Embarrassing’ Himself At Drake’s 30th Bday Bash

After one wild night caused John Mayer to have a wake up call, he hasn’t touched alcohol since. Now, the singer is revealing the details of his sobriety in a new interview.

Drizzy’s 30th birthday party was a wake up call for John Mayer. In a new interview, the “New Light” crooner revealed that he’s been sober for two years now, ever since the rapper’s wild 30th birthday bash got out of hand for him. “I made quite a fool of myself,” the 41-year-old singer told Complex about the night. “It took me weeks to stop doing this every morning I woke up. And then I had a conversation with myself. I remember where I was. I was in my sixth day of the hangover.” he continued. “That’s how big the hangover was. I looked out the window and I went, ‘OK, John, what percentage of your potential would you like to have? Because if you say you’d like 60, and you’d like to spend the other 40 having fun, that’s fine.’” Ultimately, John’s answer was 100%, and he put down the bottle for good!

Since giving up drinking, John has been more productive than ever. The singer has embarked on four tours since the pivotal day, and even plays in multiple bands – (he tours with Dead & Company, in addition to his own). The interview also shed light on John’s new lease on life. “Every morning I wake up and go: “I get another one of these,” he said, referring to days. “Most people figure that out much later on in life. Not drinking has a lot to do with plugging into that a little earlier than other people,” he added.

John is well aware of what life could have looked like if he’d chosen a different path. The Complex cover story, which also featured Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo, also touched upon addiction, and the late Mac Miller. “I just wish it wasn’t fatal. I just wish figuring out your life didn’t take your life away from you,” he said of the rapper’s passing. “I don’t have an answer for how to fix that, but once you get old enough to understand how valuable life is, you look at people and go, “I just wish you could work this out.”

Cheers to John for putting his party boy ways in the past, and turning over a new leaf. We wonder if Drake knows how pivotal his 30th birthday bash was for his friend!

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