Josephine Skriver & Alexander DeLeon Get Engaged In An Epic Way, Find Out How He Proposed!

Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver is newly engaged to fiancée Alexander Leon. Fans have been following the model’s amazing Finnish vacation as she went swimming with orcas and chased the Northern Lights, and it turns out that the epic vacation was leading up to an amazing proposal.

Skriver was obviously excited beyond words as she shared the happy news with fans on Instagram. Plus, she described the entire proposal in great detail in the captions. Her excitement was definitely contagious, as fans poured in with their congratulatory messages.

The model had shared previously that she and her then-boyfriend were having a hard time finding the Northern Lights, and it was also the day DeLeon’s first song about Josephine was released, which he titled “Aurora Borealis.” Luckily the two finally saw the green lights dancing in the sky, which must have been an amazing and romantic moment all on its own.

Not to mention that Alexander had built a bonfire for them in the middle of a frozen lake and had hot chocolate prepared for her when this was all happening. DeLeon probably couldn’t believe his good luck because things must have happened exactly as he had planned, as he got down on his knees and asked Josephine to marry him.

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I SAID HELL-FREAKIN’-YES!!!! I’M ENGAGED ???????????????? It was a cold November night. Alex had us driven all the way to Finland to see the northern lights. It was my second bucket list number i was checking off in the same week after swimming with Orcas, my favorite animals, in their natural habitat! Little did i know it would soon be my third! He had a bonfire built for me on top of the middle of a frozen lake deep in Scandinavia completed with the full moon shining on our backs and hot cocoa to keep us warm!?!? Like.. is he crazy?!??? For the first time in both of our lives we got to see the northern lights decide to show their dance across the starry night!! It was a full moon… it was on the 23rd (23 is my lucky number).. and the same day as his song “Aurora Borealis”, which was the first song he EVER wrote about me, came out to the world! sometimes the universe just chooses to leave you speechless!!! that was when @bohnes looked over at me. When he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.. I have never been more sure about anything in my life. You are my biggest adventure. My fairytale come true. My soulmate. My best friend. The love of my life. So of course it was 1millionxYES!!! Sometimes in life you will meet that one person that makes everything make sense. A person that pushes you to be an even greater version of yourself. A person that makes you not just dream it.. but believe it! Believe in your own abilities to make anything happen! Love is not about compromising yourself. Love is finding someone that only adds to your own joy and shine! Teammates for life!!! @bohnes with you i just knew! You are all that and more. You walked into my life and i have never looked back. I love you. You are MY northern lights and MY Aurora Borealis. <3 -Your Jo

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The epic proposal was a huge success as Skriver recounted how she said “it was 1millionxYES!!!” It sounded like she was having a blast anyway in Finland, but certainly she’ll remember the trip forever.

The VS model had been very busy for weeks up until the fashion show taping. After that wrapped up, many of the models appear to have jetted off for some rest and relaxation at various international destinations. Little did Josephine realize that her vacation was an unforgettable proposal in disguise.

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forever. <3

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Previously, Josephine and Alexander gave an interview to Architectural Digest about their first home together. Even though they were interviewed about their house, their love for each other was obvious. This is how Josephine described it.

“This is both of our first houses and our first house together; it’s our baby! That’s why the redesign took a lot longer, because we took our time to make sure everything was right. Nothing was rushed.”

Fans will have to wait and see if the newly engaged couple will also take a similar approach to planning their wedding. Either way, it’s a happy and exciting time for the pair, and hopefully Skriver will be sharing more updates in the coming weeks.

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Sometimes the universe just lines up. The whole week we searched for the northern lights and it never showed. But then on the night of the release of “Aurora Borealis” the first song @bohnes ever wrote of me we saw them. ???????????? love and magic always finds it’s way. it was like a love fest in the sky. Thank you @chasinglights for helping us knock out a big piece of our bucket list!!

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