Joy-Anna Duggar: How is She Handling the Miscarriage?

Joy-Anna Duggar is putting on a brave face these days.

And, at times, she’s also stuffing this face with ice cream.

The 21-year revealed about a month ago that she had suffered a miscarriage after five months of pregnancy, teaming with husband Austin Forsyth to break this tragic news to their fans and supporters.

Wrote the couple on Instagram at the time:

“Today marks one week since we heard these words…

“So this is your baby’s heart (pointing to the ultrasound screen). I don’t hear a heartbeat or see any movement.”

Duggar and Forsyth had announced they were expecting their second child back on May 1, joining a very long line of loved ones who were pregnant and looking forward to welcoming a baby later this year.

And then their dreams came crashing down this summer.

Because Joy-Anna was so far along, she even had to give birth to her late child.

Just truly heart-breaking all around.

Now, several weeks after she made this terrible announcement, Joy-Anna is slowly but surely returning to the spotlight.

She wants everyone to know that she’s struggling, as any woman would be, but that she’s also doing okay.

On August 7, for example, Duggar posted the following photo on her Instagram page and included as a message:

“Being real y’all. It’s been one of those days … lots of crying, praying, and a little ice cream.”

As you can see above, the caption was laid over a photo of the Duggar daughter holding an ice cream cone..

Joy-Anna then shared a psalm on her Story as well:

“Evening, morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.”

Just a few days earlier, Duggar had posted another psalm on her official social media page, including with it an update on just how she and Austin and dealing with their recent tragedy.

“Our hearts are healing,” she wrote alongside the image above, adding:

“Yes, those days come that I miss my little girl so much. Wishing I could have met her, seen Austin love on her and Gideon play with her.”

Duggar had previously told followers she and her husband named their little girl Annabell Elise — Annabell meaning “God has favored me” and Elise meaning “God satisfies.”

In this caption from July 26, she continued:

Yet, God has given us so much comfort. People say that I am strong, but I am not. 

It is Jesus’ strength that has carried me through. He’s given me a peace that passes all understanding and he has given me His JOY.

From there, Duggar quoted a pair of psalms:

We continue to keep Joy-Anna and Austin in our thoughts during this challenging time.

We wish them the best.

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