Judge Says Only Andrew Brown Jr.'s Family Can See Police Videos of Killing

All police body cam videos of Andrew Brown Jr.‘s fatal encounter with cops in North Carolina will be viewed, but only by his family and not the media … a judge just ruled.

The Pasquotank County judge just made the highly-anticipated and controversial decision after hearing arguments for the release of police video in the case of Brown’s killing … in which an autopsy revealed he was shot 5 times.

The judge ruled the footage should be available to the family within 10 days, but also ordered that the faces of any deputies and other identifying information in the video be blurred. The judge will reevaluate making it available to more eyes in 30-45 days.

As we reported … Brown’s family says it was one bullet to the back of his head that killed him, and the findings of the private autopsy released Tuesday show he also suffered 4 gunshot wounds to his right arm.

Brown’s family and their legal team have been calling for the release of the full police body cam footage from last week’s fatal shooting, claiming he was gunned down in an “execution” while cops were trying to execute a search warrant.

So far, the family says they’ve only seen a “snippet” of police body cam … just 20 seconds of one deputy’s body cam with the faces blurred of other deputies on the scene.

The family claims what they did see only confirms their belief Brown was murdered by cops. Since his killing, peaceful protests and demonstrations in Elizabeth City have continued daily … with the mayor there declaring a state of emergency.

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