Juicy Joe Gets To Stay In America For Now

Looks like Juicy Joe Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has been given permission to stay in the country while he continues to fight getting deported to Italy. Meaning he and his wife Teresa Giudice won’t need to divorce after all! Well at least for now, we’ll see where her Real Housewives of New Jersey storyline leads her. Maybe the whole idea of getting her groove back without Joe will lead her there anyway. Or maybe now that he won’t be able to scam the government to keep her living in tacky-luxury she’ll tire of him? Post-prison relationships, amirite?

Joe has been in deportation limbo ever since he pled guilty to scamming the government for millions in tax dollars and was sentenced to 41 months in prison. He was then told he would be deported back to Italy after serving his sentence (he was released in March) and is fighting it.

The Blast reports that Joe is going to be singing Living In America in the shower for a little bit longer as a judge is going to let him do just that. They got their hands on some legal documents that show Joe’s application for a stay of removal was granted. The documents state:

“The petitioner’s motion for a stay of removal is granted. The requirements for granting a stay have been satisfied. …The temporary stay of removal previously granted is vacated as no longer necessary. Petitioner’s unopposed motions to seal Exhibit C to the Moseley Declaration and to amend/correct his stay motion are granted. The motion by “27 Former Immigration Judges, etc.” to proceed as amicus is granted.”

Joe’s attorney reached out to People to jerk themselves off for their hard legal work and promising to continue to fight:

“We are grateful that the Court has granted the stay… Joe looks forward to continuing this fight to the very end. There is nothing more important to him than returning home to his wife and kids.”

The wife who is out here being like: “Once he’s gone, we’re divorcing for sures, 100%, no question about it,” and his ass isn’t even gone yet? That wife? Oh yeah, lets send him to her loving arms.

Joe’s daughter, Gia Giudice, is also trying hard to help and set up a petition aimed at President Donald Trump to personally intervene and stop Joe from getting deported. According to People, though, the White House hasn’t noticed and doesn’t plan to. A source said:

“If it was worth it on the merits, this would be something, but just because [the Giudice family] is asking … Thousands of people have through different means tried to bring different cases [to the White House]… The vast majority of them just don’t warrant the decision.”

Yeah girl, Donald Trump only pardons people for good reasons. Like Canadian financial criminal Conrad Black. This financial crime is small potatoes. Tax fraud? Puh-lease. To catch the President’s attention you’re going to need to aim a little higher, Gia.

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