Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Are All Smiles As They Pack On More PDA In Toronto

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s love is infectious! We’re smiling ear to ear at a new cuddly pic of the newlyweds, who are back in Biebs’ home country.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s love is even evident in fan photos! They still wore giddy smiles for a picture with a stranger as they were spotted in Toronto, Canada on Nov. 12. And there’s a funny story behind this impromptu snapshot, according to the sister-in-law of the lucky fan who caught up with Justin and Hailey. “So my brother-inlaw just met justin bieber and hailey baldwin… Apparently he was on his way to the dentist,” Twitter user @safiya314 claimed. “There ya have it folks, celebrities get their teeth cleaned too.” If Justin really did delay his dental appointment for an adoring fan — with not one sign of exasperation on his face — he scores even more brownie points. But this photo excites us for one other reason!

Seeing Justin and Hailey in Toronto has us on our toes, as it’s a city in Ontario — you know, where the “No Brainer” singer splurged on a $5 million mansion in August! It’s unclear whether the home has been in use since, but this recent photo reminds us of the purchase. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the two haven’t settled on an official home base, as they’ve been country hopping for the past few months. They were just in London on Nov. 8, where a fan videoed the couple struggling to get their boat moving — no sign of that day’s frustration was on their faces today! The couple have been going back-and-forth between Europe, Canada and the U.S. since their legal wedding on Sept. 13.

No matter where Justin and Hailey go, their love follows. Today’s PDA picture follows even more sizzling shots the couple shared on Nov. 10! Justin posted a black-and-white Instagram photo of him making out with Hailey, both of their eyes closed in lust. He even revealed his wife’s nickname: Hunny buns punkin. Hailey followed suit with her own kissing picture, this one with less clothes as the model and JB were smooching on a yacht. Yep, they’re living the good life.

As this romance continues to heat up, which their latest string of photos prove, we’re left to ask: what’s next? Justin and Hailey’s families are hoping it’s babies, according to what a source close to the lovers EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife! “Both Hailey and Justin are being teased about starting a family soon,” our source shared with us on Nov. 5. “Even though they’ve not had their official wedding yet, it’s pretty safe to say that a baby won’t be too far off. It’s certainly next on their agenda.”

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