Justin Bieber Shows Off His Toned Muscles After Leaving Dance Practice — New Pic

Justin Bieber is getting his buff body back for 2020. With a tour coming up this spring, he’s been working hard at dance practices and getting back in shape.

Justin Bieber‘s body was once so ripped and buff that he posed as a Calvin Klein underwear model in 2016. But he slimmed down when he took a few years away from the spotlight. Now, he’s getting those muscles back as he gears up for the release of a new album and a massive stadium and arena tour starting in May. The 25-year-old singer was photographed on Jan. 16 leaving a dance practice in West Hollywood, CA and he’s looking ripped!

Justin emerged from the studio wearing a white tank top that clung tightly to his chest. His arm muscles are already getting plenty of definition. He’s looking so healthy and fit, and that’s so impressive considering the singer has been battling Lyme disease, according to a recent confession by the singer. On the same day he went through the grueling dance workout, he also hit up a doctor’s office for treatment. In his Instagram stories, he posted three pics showing himself with an IV drip in his arm. He’s wearing the same hot pink Drew brand shorts that he had on when he left the dance studio. He wrote “Lyme disease awareness” over the second image and “I’m ok” over the third photo.

The “Sorry” singer has already started his 2020 comeback in a big way. He dropped his first new single “Yummy” off of his new album on Jan. 3. On Christmas Eve 2019, he also posted a YouTube video, during which he thrilled fans with the news that he’s finally hitting the road again. “As humans, we are imperfect. My past, my mistakes, all the things that I’ve been through….I believe I am right where I’m supposed to be. God has made me right where he wants me. I feel like this is different than the previous albums because of where I’m at in my life,” he narrated, while shown in a stark desert setting.

He added, “I’m excited to perform it and tour it. We all have different stories, I’m just excited to share mine. It’s the music I love the most of anything I’ve done.” The tour kicks off on May 14 in Seattle, and finishes up in New Jersey on Sept. 26. As we previously reported EXCLUSIVELY, “Justin is so excited to get back on the road with his new music. He is in such a wonderful place with his marriage, his faith and his life that he wants to bring all his good fortune to his fans who have always been there for him”.

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