Kanye West Is Fighting With Drake For The 9,857,999th Time

Kanye West’s new friend, that talking tree, needs to come and get him because he’s getting messy again.

Kanye’s Fern Gully moment of zen didn’t last long. Kanye added some oil to the pan and reheated his cold, dried-out, rotten beef with Drake. This time Kanye’s b-hole got twisted over Drake’s team asking for clearance to sample his song Say What’s Real. Drake remixed it in 2009. Kanye got mad because he says he’s been trying to talk to Drake for months but Drake has been avoiding him like Kanye avoids a sense of reason. Kanye could’ve, I don’t know, used his finger to open up the Messages app and text Drake, but that wouldn’t have made him trend on Twitter. And if it doesn’t get Kanye attention, it didn’t happen. Cut to Azalea Banks screaming: THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTING!

Kanye sharted up a truce in his toddler fight against Drake back in September after he got pissed that Drake seemingly bragged about fucking Kim Kartrashan in a track. But Kanye is mad again and his MAGA hat blew right off of his head in a rage over Drake wanting something but failing to bow down and blow an air kiss of sorries into Kanye’s b-hole.

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