Kanye West 'Jealous' Of Kim Kardashian's Commitment 'To Prison Reform And The Kids'

Kanye West can’t handle the fact that Kim Kardashian West is working to improve her community while also raising her children! The male fragility is REAL, y’all!!!

According to a new report from Us Weekly, an insider close to the quickly-crumbling couple is sharing new details on Yeezy’s apparent jealousy regarding his wife’s priorities! This is wild!

From the sound of this quote (below), it seems like the rapper isn’t too keen on Kim living her best life, or even doing normal things like taking care of the couple’s four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm:

“Kanye is jealous of the amount of time Kim has dedicated to prison reform and the kids. Kanye wanted the family to move to Wyoming full-time. It’s where he sees this direction of his life going. Kim just doesn’t see their lives full-time in Wyoming.”

Whoa! There’s a lot to unpack there!

First off, no disrespect to Wyoming — it’s a gorgeous place — but can y’all ever imagine Kris Jenner‘s one-time favorite child  living full-time there? Or really anywhere but El Lay?? Maybe a vacation or two to the Equality State every year, sure, but 52 weeks a year?! Come on, ‘Ye. You must be smarter than that!

But more to the point, can we just reflect on how this man is allegedly jealous of his wife for raising his children. Like, WTF?! And he’s also miffed that she’s doing her part to correct one of America’s massive and longest-standing injustices?? What a selfish a**hole! Maybe it’d be one thing if he were reportedly envious of the KUWTK star for spending too much time on her biz, or something, but this reasoning is total basura! Sorry, not sorry!

There’s more, too.

The 40-year-old momma has apparently been the only one going to the couple’s marriage counseling sessions for a while now, making things worse by the day. Us‘ insider added:

“ haven’t had a joint session together in a while. Kim has continued to meet with their marriage counselor in solo sessions. Kim’s singular focus is about how this will impact the kids, and Kanye has been receptive to engaging in those discussions.”

Couples therapy doesn’t work unless both halves actually buys in and takes part!

Honestly, should we be surprised by any of this, though? After all, the 43-year-old Chicago native is fresh off a silly, phony campaign for President meant to do nothing more than stroke his own ego at the expense of his own daughter Northie! And we know how much he loves notorious strongman and off-the-charts narcissist Donald Trump.

So maybe it makes perfect sense, then, that the College Dropout rapper is envious of his wife for living her own life and working to help others! That’s how the MAGA chuds roll: selfish, vain, whiny, and bitter!

What say U, Perezcious readers?! Are we being too hard on Kanye here?? Maybe… or maybe not! Sorry, but we’re all the way over him!

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