Kanye West Wants to Design a $60 Hoodie for Walmart and Costco

Although his track record isn’t perfect, Kanye West is still definitely a driving force in the world of fashion. Whether he’s designing shoes or acting as a stylist for his wife, West has strong opinions on what people wear. And lots of people love what he comes up with. His shoe and clothing line Yeezy

Many of the pieces West designs are elite fashion, expensive and inaccessible to most people. But he’s interested in changing that — for at least one piece of clothing. West is looking into designing a hoodie that is priced for the rest of us. 

Kanye’s fashion line is huge

West got his start in the fashion industry in 2009, when the first pair of Yeezy high-top shoes he designed was released by Nike. They were wildly successful.

By 2013 West was dissatisfied with the rights and royalties Nike offered, and he signed a deal to work with Adidas instead. That collaboration has worked well for him, and in 2015 he added clothing to his line. 

Through the years, the demand for Yeezy products has been dramatic. Although a trench coat could easily cost $2,500, the line regularly sold out. West claims that the line has helped him become a billionaire, although most people calculate his actual net worth to be closer to $240 million. 

He doesn’t just sell It looks like he’s interested in selling “church clothes” under the brand name Sunday Service. He sold some of the pieces at a special event at Coachella in 2019.

The line includes pricy items such as sweat pants that cost $195 and socks for $50. Most people would have to pass his clothes up at those prices, or at least pray for a steep discount.

Kanye West loves hoodies

Just a glance at West’s wardrobe or clothing line will tell you how much he appreciates a good hoodie. For example, in 2015, people noticed that he was hooked on a certain maroon velour hoodie so much that he wore it at least five times in the span of two weeks. 

There’s a good reason he designs and wears so many hoodies. Possibly because of its social connotations as well as its fashion status, West declares that this cozy sweatshirt style “is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade.”

And in typical West style, if it’s important to him, he’s sure it’s important to the rest of the world. And he’s prepared to invest (at least a little) in the idea.

He’s looking at making a special hoodie

West is toying with the idea of designing a sweatshirt – but not just any old sweatshirt. This one will be “the perfect hoodie” and will be just about as warm as a standard winter coat. It will be cut to reach to the waist, and it will be made in natural shades of “flax or dusty stone.”

If this sounds appealing, there’s even more good news. West’s is most interested in making these “for the masses.” To help get them in the hands of the people, these perfect hoodies will be priced at only $60. Even better, he’d like to place them in some very accessible stores. “I like Costco as an idea,” he said. “I like Walmart, too.”

For people who have been priced out of Yeezy merch, the idea of a more affordable item is pretty exciting. West is known for exaggerating how wonderful all his efforts are, but if this hoodie is all he says and affordable as well? It just might be perfect after all. 

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