Kapil Talwalkar Joins Charmed Season 4 In Recurring Role

Kapil Talwalkar is heading to the world of Charmed!

The Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist actor has joined the cast of The CW series’ upcoming fourth season, Variety reports.

“Cat is out of the bag!! Can’t wait for you all to meet my character Dev on this season of @cw_charmed…it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done.😉 #magic #cw #variety,” the actor wrote on Instagram after the news was revealed.

Click inside for details on his role…

Kapil is set to portray Dev, “a handsome, intense and charming ‘Gandharva,’ a magical creature with the power to influence people with his voice.”

The character is “based on a mythical and celestial being in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Male Gandharvas are divine singers and females are divine dancers from the Gandhara region.”

If you missed it, one of the series stars, Madeleine Mantock has left the show, and this actress has been cast as a new Charmed one.

Find out when Charmed season four will premiere on The CW.

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