Kardashians slammed for ‘wasteful’ food fight as Kim throws entire bowl of pasta

The Kardashians have been blasted on social media for their extreme food fight captured on their show that Khloe posted a clip of on her Instagram .

The clip shows Kim chucking an enormous bowl of pasta over Khloe and then running up behind mum Kris jenner to throw a bowl of punch over her head.

Their fancy dinner spread enjoyed at Kris' $6 million mansion turned into chaos as the family ran around throwing vast quantities of food all over the floor.

While the waste of food would have meant nothing to the multi-millionaire clan, Instagram users were sickened by their reckless behaviour.

They pointed out that plenty of families in the world were starving, and that the Kardashians being so careless with food that would be life-changing for some, was disrespectful.

"All I can think about is how many hungry kids we have in this world and y'all throwing food around SMH There is other things to throw around besides food", said one.

"Meanwhile there are people out there who have no money to buy food…..", commented another.

A third said they were "disgusted" by the video, while another called it "insensitive".

"This waste of food is so wrong!", said another.

"Guys food isn’t something you throw at people just to laugh", explained a fifth.

Others added: "Shame on all of you , people would give their right arm for that food!! Disgusting".

"So many people without having anything to eat and you play with food that way saddens me because I admired them so much".

Some other users defended the family, claiming it was their food and they could do what they liked with it.

Kim also recently attracted similar criticism when she plugged her Australian business venture during the deadly bush fires currently raging though the country.

She tweeted: "Hi Australia! I have some exciting news coming soon just in time for the holidays.

"Can you guess what is is? Stay tuned for the big announcement…"

She added in the video: "Hey Australia, I just wanted to let you know I am sending you something very special…"

The post enraged her Aussie fans, who bombarded her with messages telling her they hope she's sending water or a donation to help firefighters Down Under.

Others called Kim out for tweeting about one of her money-spinning projects during the country's time of need.

One tweeted: "Is it water or fire fighters? We need that right now. Or money? Farmers and people who lost homes & loved ones need money too."

Another added: "That’s exciting but today isn’t the best day to post this!

"Six million people on the eastern side of Australia are facing catastrophic bushfires and are in a state of emergency.

"Some help/awareness would be so greatly appreciated instead."

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