Katherine Schwarzenegger: Learning From Chris Pratt’s Ex-Wife Is Another Huge Gift

When launching her new podcast ‘The Dog That Changed Me’, the daughter of Maria Shriver couldn’t help but admit that she ‘really admires’ all the work Anna Faris has done.

AceShowbiz -Katherine Schwarzenegger has proved she has a good relationship with her fiance Chris Pratt‘s ex-wife Anna Faris by stating she “really admires” the actress for her podcast success.

The 29-year-old author, who got engaged to Chris in January, launched her new podcast “The Dog That Changed Me” on Tuesday, May 14, and told Us Weekly that Anna, who has hosted her “Unqualified” podcast since November 2015, has been a big inspiration to her.

“Anna has an incredibly successful podcast. I really admire all the work that she’s done, and she’s definitely an expert at it,” she smiled. “Learning from her is another huge gift. I have such great people in my life that I’m able to learn from in all different areas of life and, and she’s definitely somebody that I look up to in the podcast world.”

Katherine said she also looks up to her mother Maria Shriver, adding: “My mom always offers me a huge amount of advice with everything that I do. My mom also has a podcast, so I definitely learned from her.”

The nine-episode podcast features chats with celebrities such as Bryce Dallas Howard and Mandy Moore about dog adoption and other canine-related features.

Katherine also explained that taking a dog into your life is a fantastic way of seeing whether or not you’re ready to start a family yourself.

“You should get a dog before you decide to have children because it’s like a great buffer into what that might look like,” she explained. “Obviously, having kids is way more of a responsibility, but you really kind of get that little bit of insight into, you know, changing the way that you go about your day, putting the needs of your animal first. … Having a dog is a huge responsibility but it’s also the greatest decision that you could ever make.”

Chris shares six-year-old son Jack with Anna, whom he divorced in 2018.

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