Keanu Reeves Is Completely Oblivious of His Huge Fan Base Claims His 'Bill & Ted' Co-Star

Keanu Reeves is apparently oblivious to his own popularity. The John Wick star is in the middle of a career revival and easily has one of the largest fan bases in Hollywood. But per his Bill & Ted Face the Music co-star, Samara Weaving, Reeves is not aware that he is approaching legendary status online.

Is Reeves really oblivious of his huge fan base?

Weaving plays the part of Bill’s (Alex Winter) daughter in theupcoming movie and claims that Reeves did not use a smartphone on the set ofthe movie. This implies that Reeves has no idea what’s being said about himonline.

“I don’t think he knows! I don’t think he’s aware,”Weaving shared. “He’s so humble and so sweet. I don’t think he’s aware ofat all.”

Over the past few years, Keanu Reeves has earned the moniker of the “internet’s boyfriend,” yet Weaving does not think the actor has ever heard about it.

According to Yahoo, Weaving added that she never sawReeves use a phone and complimented him for being such a fine gentleman — whichis exactly how we imagined Reeves would be in person.

The new Bill & Ted film is set close to 30 years afterthe sequel. The movie follows the titular characters as they craft a song thatwill save the future of the universe.

The film will also feature a new villain, played by AnthonyCarrigan. We do not know too many details about Carrigan’s character, otherthan he will be the main antagonist. Filming for the movie started back in Juneand wrapped up a few weeks ago.

Weaving talks ‘Bill & Ted’ expectations

Given Keanu Reeves’s popularity, Weaving is afraid that theexpectations might be too high for Bill & Ted Face the Music. Theactress admitted that she doesn’t like to think about the movie’s releasebecause it causes her too much anxiety.

Weaving, of course, hopes that fans love the film, especiallysince it has been decades since the last movie in the franchise, Bill &Ted’s Bogus Journey.

When it comes to working with Reeves and Winter, Weaving hadnothing but good things to say about her co-stars. She also had a blast on setand hopes that fans are satisfied by the end product.

Bill & Ted Face the Music sees the return of Keanu Reevesas Theodore “Ted” Logan and Winter as William “Bill” S.Preston, Esq. The movie also features William Sadler (Death), BrigetteLundy-Paine (Billie Logan), Kid Cudi, and Jillian Bell (Dr. Taylor Wood).

There is no telling if the movie will match fan expectations, butwe cannot wait to see what Reeves and Winter have in store.

Inside Keanaissance

Reeves has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for quite sometime, though his celebrity has gotten an extra boost in recent years. Fans haveeven dubbed Reeves’s resurgence as “the Keanaissance.”

This year, Keanu Reeves starred in a handful of films, including John Wick 3, Toy Story 4, Always Be My Maybe, and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. He also finished filming Bill & Ted Face the Music, making him of the busiest celebrities in the world.

But starring in movies is only part of why Reeves has gainediconic status. Fans have also fallen in love with Reeves because he seems verydown-to-earth and relatable.

The Constantine star is also a master in martial arts, a legitimate heartthrob, a hero in the gaming world, and a likable geek. In all, Reeves has transcended acting and become an internet sensation.

Keanu Doing Things

There is a Twitter account, for example, called Keanu DoingThings, which has over 250,000 followers. On Reddit, 300,000 have subscribed tohonoring Reeves’s accomplishments and general actions.

These social media pages are filled with amazing stories aboutReeves, each tale as unbelievable as the next. For instance, there are storiesabout Reeves helping strangers find their way home and posing with randomfamilies.

Experts have studied Keanu Reeves’s resurgence and still are notclear why so many fans are enamored by the actor. But one thing is for sure,Reeves’s fan base is not going anywhere, even if he has no idea they exist.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is scheduled to open intheaters next summer.

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