Kelly Ripa got plastic surgery to fix her earlobes after wearing too-heavy earrings

As I’ve said, I find it refreshing when a celebrity admits to plastic surgery. It makes them somewhat more relatable. So prepare to find Kelly Ripa totally relatable. Okay, her admission won’t relate to hardly anybody, but at least she admitted to having work done… on her earlobes. *Sigh* well, it’s a start, I guess.

So here’s the story: Kelly and Ryan Seacrest were chatting with Scarlet Johansson during a break on their show, and Kelly started counting ScarJo’s multiple ear piercings. She has about nine in one ear, I had no idea. To ScarJo’s credit she uses small hoops, which isn’t overpowering and look kind of cool. Kelly was interested in ScarJo’s piercings because she can no longer wear earrings in her original holes. And that’s when Kelly admitted to going under the knife. Well, needle and thread, actually:

#ScarlettJohansson shows us her ear piercings

Kelly blamed her hole-fragility on self-piercing and heavy earrings. She told ScarJo that she’s had to stitch her earlobe up “many times” because they are so fragile. She said she currently has about three piercings on each ear, but when Ryan asked her if she every wears earrings in them, Kelly said “never,” because I guess the whole lobe is the consistency of tissue paper at this point. That’s when Kelly admitted she’d pierced her own ears, repeatedly, because, “that’s how we did it in the 80s.” You know, she’s not wrong. My initial ear-piercings were done in a store, but I put three more holes in my right ear myself. I even pierced some of my friends ears, what was I thinking? Ryan asked Kelly if the holes ever got infected and she responded, “all the time!” Yup. I bought hydrogen peroxide in bulk. And it wasn’t just my impaling my ear with whatever pointy object was within reach, I wore the cheapest earrings made of God-knows-what. And like Kelly, I thought the ice made it worse so I never used it. Why the hell were we all mutilating our ears? I feel like I owe my lobes amends for my mistreatment. What do you think, a pair of diamond earrings? That should make it up to them, right? My husband will completely understand this logic, I’m sure.

But my earlobes never tore, even the ones I did. I did only wear small studs in those holes so maybe that’s why. I’ve heard of earlobes stretching and know of one case of a hole tearing all the way through. Stitching it up sounds painful. However, Kelly very clearly does still wear earrings. Maybe she can only wear certain pairs? Like, nothing heavier than a small drop. And the placement of the earring in the linked shots does look a little farther away from her face than earrings usually are, probably the only viable real estate left on her lobe.

As for the rest of the work Kelly’s had done, she admitted to having Botox in the past, including one unfortunate injection that left her unable to smile for months. However, she maintains she hasn’t had any other procedures. She said she’s never considered breast augmentation, because she prefers her smaller chest. Last year, a fan called her out on an IG throwback pic, accusing Kelly of getting a nose job. Kelly responded to them by saying, “Same nose. Good side, bad side plus makeup.” When another commenter accused her of the same work, Kelly reiterated that she never had her nose done and did not have veneers, and she had the retainer to prove it, a fact her husband, Mark Consuelos, backed her up on. I’ve posted the photo below so you can decide for yourself. It looks shaved to me, but makeup can do wonders. So can Mark. If he’s in the shot, I’m not looking at anything else so sure, I agree with whatever the other objects in the photo say.

Double #fbf 1995 vs. 2009 before i discovered that i needed a stylist and had a GOOD side. 👀

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