Keri Hilson Dragged On Twitter After Suggesting 5G Cell Networks Caused The Coronavirus

Keri Hilson, where the f**k did you get this from?!

The Knock You Down singer is making headlines after floating a truly bizarre conspiracy theory late Sunday about 5G cellular data networks being somehow tied to the ongoing worldwide coronavirus outbreak. You know, just another extremely normal night online… sigh…

It all started over on Twitter, where the 37-year-old (AKA old enough to know better) singer posted screenshots of “evidence” suggesting the networks caused electromagnetic interference harmful to humans:


Undaunted by almost immediate backlash, the singer moved on to Instagram, where she posted a video of a man explaining how every modern pandemic of the last one hundred years has followed a “major electrification” of the earth. The man went on to make the connection that the roll-out of 5G technology across China was the impetus for the coronavirus, as you can see by watching the clip (below):

Ummm… does this man (and Hilson) understand correlation does not equal causation? Where’s Bill Nye when you need him, or Neil de Grasse Tyson?? Can we get a scientist over here, please?!?! The singer then capped off the questionable video with a multiple-paragraph diatribe about electromagnetic frequencies, the lack of 5G technology in Africa, and why you should put your phone in airplane mode at night.

“I’m not an expert on anything,” Hilson wrote in the conclusion along with her post, in what’s possibly the understatement of the decade.

“This is a think piece. The post intrigued me & illustrates a possibility based on the facts above. And please watch in entirety before commenting. I’m sure we all got time today…???‍♀️”

Ooookay, Keri!

Twitter, do your thing!

Why drag the Pretty Girl Rock songstress for this bat s**t crazy thing when so many thousands of Twitter users already have?!

To wit:


And more:

One user summed the year up so perfectly:

“Keri Hilson being a 5G truther (?) is another curveball that could only exist in 2020″

And another said what everybody was thinking when reading Keri’s contention:

keri hilson thought she made a groundbreaking discovery and thought we wanted to hear all about it, now she getting laughed at by all of twitter”

One hilarious user knew things were bad before even looking at the conspiracy content:

“Keri Hilson trending with no album during a pandemic cant be good. I don’t even wanna check.”

And another got more to the point about celebrities and some of their, um, strange opinions:

“Keri Hilson actually believes 5G network causes the Coronavirus. This is why we should be worried about the platform fame gives otherwise stupid celebrities who happen to have one or two talents.”

But with the news cycle in general as insane as it is right now, this pretty much perfectly summed things up for us:


Keri, lay off the 5G bull s**t… we’re already dealing with Donald Trump‘s stupidity during this pandemic, we don’t need you falling down the rabbit hole, too! Get it together!

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