Kevin Durant and Trae Young Speak Out After Viral Intimate Contact During NBA Game

The Brooklyn Nets star speaks to the press while the Atlanta Hawks player takes to social media to address their viral exchange on the basketball court recently.

AceShowbizKevin Durant broke his silence after going viral following the most recent game between his team Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks. The pro hooper made headlines after he was seen getting a bit too intimate with Hawks’ point guard Trae Young.

Durant got a bit too close as he invaded Young’s personal space, weirdly leaning on Young while putting his hand around his rival’s waist on the basketball court. Young looked annoyed and pushed him off. He even heatedly confronted Durant for his antics.

Twitter was quick to react. “KD was enjoying guarding Trae a lil bit too much with all due respect [crying emoji],” one fan posted the clip capturing the moment. “KD out there either trying to catch a nap on Trae or serious mind games,” another commented.

A different individual quipped, “KD was tryna take Trae home.” Another joked, “My girl saying she wants me to hold her like KD was holding Trae last night.” There was even an imaginative dialogue written for them, “KD: but traeee – Trae Young: kd pls not tonight I’m not in the mood.”

The Friday, December 10 game ended with the Nets edging out the Hawks 113-105. “I’ve known Trae since he was 10 years old. That’s the spirit of the game. I got nothing but respect for Trae Young,” Kevin Durant spoke to the press to address the controversy.

“I was a little too physical there with that action & I kind of pushed him a bit,” the Nets player admitted. “He wanted me to get up out of his space & I respect that.” He added it’s “just a part of the game,” insisting, “Nothing personal, it’s all competition.”

Meanwhile, Trae Young shared on Instagram a picture of his exchange with Durant on the basketball court. “I love this hoop,” he wrote, adding a variety of emojis including poop, love, and snowflake.

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