Kim Kardashian Admits Her Sexy Instagram Photos Sometimes Get Her In ‘Trouble’ With Kanye

Kanye West is the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian’s body but as it turns out, he sometimes gets upset when she uploads a sexy, half-naked pic. Maybe he doesn’t like to share?

“Sometimes you gotta do some things for the gram,” Kim Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres during her appearance on the Nov. 21 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star had to explain why she was photographed baking brownies while wearing next to nothing. “But, I wasn’t walking around and baking like that,” Kim insisted. “Because you could burn yourself,” Ellen added.

“And you can get in trouble with your husband sometime over too many photos like that,” Kim said, hinting that Kanye West doesn’t really like it when she poses half-naked for her (currently) 120 million Instagram followers. “It’s like half and half. He always wants me to be me and feel confident and we’re having fun, but it also bothers him. …It goes through waves. Sometimes, I’ll be more conservative on my Instagram. Sometimes I really have to get something out. If I’m feeling good about myself or I’ve been working out really hard, and I’ll post something, and he’ll get upset and…it’s a cycle.”

No offense to Ye, but sexy photos are kind of Kim’s brand. Asking Kim not to flaunt her body online is like asking Azealia Banks not to go on wild rants online, or asking Khloe Kardashian to not post cryptic messages whenever she’s having relationship troubles. It’s like asking Kanye not to do Ye things, like sing Backstreet Boys songs with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Ye’s got to let Kimmy be Kimmy, right?

Though, clashes like this are to be expected with any healthy relationship and, despite this sexy selfie showdown, Kim and Kanye appear to still be madly in love with each other. Kim came to Kanye’s defense after his disastrous dip into politics, saying that his #MAGA period was all a great misunderstanding. “I think it gets really misconstrued. He will always say he was friendly with [Donald Trump] before, and he’s the same person and friendly with him now,” Kim said at the Criminal Justice Reform Summit on Nov. 14.

“I could also co-exist with someone and still have different political views. My mom and my step-dad did that. It’s fine to be different and have your own view,” she added. So, maybe Ye and Kim can co-exist despite this different view on her sexy snaps?

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