Kim Kardashian Blasted for Troubling SKIMS Shapewear Sizing: Its Crazy

The founder of the shapewear brand is being called out in a viral TikTok video by a girl named Jasmine Alexandria, who is dissatisfied with the product as it ‘doesn’t stretch.’

AceShowbizKim Kardashian is receiving a negative review from a dissatisfied customer. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum was blasted by a TikTok user for her “troubling” sizing of SKIMS shapewear.

One TikTok user, Jasmine Alexandria, called out the 41-year-old reality star in a viral clip that has since been viewed nearly 8 million times and gained over 1 million likes. In it, Jasmine told the viewers, “Kim Kardashian, we’re gonna need to have a f**king conversation because I got SKIMS for Christmas … and let me talk about the sizing because the sizing is what’s really troubling me.”

Jasmine then unboxed her core control solutions thong, noting that she purchased the shapewear in size “Large/Extra Large.” She then showed the product to the camera, before saying in disbelief, “This is a Large/Extra Large and b***h this does not stretch. This does not stretch.” She further stressed, “When I tell you that I couldn’t even get this past up my thigh.”

Jasmine then called out all of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters for undergoing cosmetic procedures to alter their bodies. She said, “It’s crazy to me because…the Kardashians, it’s like you guys buy your bodies, right?”

“You know what I’m saying, so it’s like you bought that a**, you bought them titties. So, you know damn well this ain’t gonna do anything,” Jasmine continued fuming. She then asked, “So my question to Kim Kardashian is what size are you wearing in your line? ‘Cause you are not wearing a large/extra-large. And I understand that the thighs might not match, but there’s no way you’re getting your a** in this.”

In the comment section, many TikTok users urged others to stop buying SKIMS products, believing that it’s a scam. “STOP giving dollars to the Kardashians!!!!” one wrote, while another added, “FOR REALLL! Never bought anything from Kim, [Kylie Jenner]. Nobody in good with all that.”

A third commented, “Ooop, Skams instead of Skims.” A fourth social media user chimed in, “How many bad products do they have to put out before people stop spending money??” A fifth quipped, “Wouldn’t take products from the Kardashians unless they were free.”

After one person asked Jasmine to put on the shapewear, Jasmine posted another video of herself demonstrating her struggle to fit in into the core control underwear. Noting that she wasn’t able to get on the shapewear, she captioned the post, “I posted the try-on video [laughing emoji] Skims-1, Me-0.”

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