Kim Kardashian Reveals She Gained 18 Pounds in the Last Year

“I work out, but it’s my eating,” the reality star explained.

Kim Kardashian is getting back on her workout grind after revealing she gained 18 pounds in the past year and a half.

On her Instagram Stories over the weekend, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star admitted she had fallen off her diet and opened up about her weight gain.

"Guys we’re doing a night workout before my dinner which I never do … but I figure we have to get into it at some point," she said in a clip. "Sometimes we fall off and sometimes we really gotta get it together, this is one of my falling off times where I am up, I think 18 pounds up from what I was a year and a half ago."

The KKW beauty founder, who was also joined by her trainer Melissa Alcantara, pointed out that her diet is her main problem.

"To feel good, I just want to get it like, a really good goal weight, and so that means working out at all costs," she said. "It’s my eating. I work out, but it’s my eating. But Melissa and I have a major goal for me by the time I’m 40."

While Kim’s big 4-0 is almost a year away, it looks like she’s not kidding around when it comes to her workouts.

Kim, who revealed her weight gain on Saturday evening, hit the gym on Sunday morning. Sharing a video of her on the StairMaster machine to her Instagram Story, Kim wrote, "A morning workout after a night workout is the best!!!"

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Kim’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara, has previously come to her star-client’s defense after she appeared at the Met Gala back in May in a body-hugging dress so tight that it looked like she couldn’t even breathe.

"To make things clear, 1. This dress is corseted," she wrote in her Instagram Stories. "BUT 2. Kim trains her ass off 6 days a f–king week, she wakes up early AF and is dedicated. 3. I paved the road for her but SHE did the work! MOST IMPORTANTLY I don’t give a shit about your opinions on her body, if you think [it’s] fake or not! I see her every morning, I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside the gym and THAT is commendable!"

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The mother of four has been open about the ups and downs she’s experienced in trying to achieve and maintain a particular physique. In an interview with E! News in 2018, Kim said she had lost over 20 pounds.

"I work out about an hour-and-a-half every single day, heavy weights. I don’t do a lot of cardio," she said of her workout routine at the time. "But honestly, like even my mom pulled me aside maybe a week ago and pulls me in a closet and is like, ‘What are you doing?’ She says, ‘I don’t care what, I just need to know.’"

"I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m really proud of that," she revealed. "I was almost 140 forever and now I’m like 116 and it just feels good. I didn’t see results right away, but when you stick with something and you’re consistent, you will. So, I love it."

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